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Fiddleback walnut stock for FTR rifle

Duplicating the owners stock to be used from his pattern for FTR class.

Rifle Building

English walnut stock for a Bat action

Note that I used some of the excess wood from the stock blank to make a 3 inch Foreend. I should have taken pictures of the narrow piece of wood but I didn’t. 6 more words

Rifle Building

New Stock for Suhl 150 Rifle

The owner of this rifle won a 20% discount certificate at the Firecracker Match.

Rifle Building

English Walnut F/Class with RPA Quadlite Action Finished

Note the FTR rail for bipod and bottom ventilation. Extra wood was added for 3 inch fore end. The wood match came out quite well. Additional wood needs to be added to get the 3 inch Foreende because most of the blanks are 2 1/2 inches and matching the wood is a real problem, or you need to make a feature out of the matching pieces of wood.

Rifle Building

Derek Rodgers sets new national record and then breaks his own record

A great shot of Derek and his dad, Stan, at the F class nationals in Phoenix. Here is a link showing the progress as I built the rifle for him. 12 more words

Rifle Building

English Walnut F/Class with RPA Quadlite Action

Separating the Cheekpiece

Bedding Block

Receiver sitting in Bedding Compound

Receiver out of bedding compound and stock.  The pillars are part of the bedding block, which eliminates stress from the wood. 46 more words

Rifle Building