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Major Project: Off Peak

My Breakdown Reel

First half of the breakdown is rigging. My animation work starts at 2:24.

Off Peak is a final year Major Project short film which combines CGI monsters onto a live action plate. 1,066 more words


Ball in 2d dungeon

Now I’ve made some simple animation scene. Here is a screenshot of working process, and the gif will appear under cut



Q: Why did the Rigger quit his job?

A: He was sick of weighting!


Inflatable Centrifuge

This model is the first of several I have been developing for an add-on pack for Kerbal Space Program. It represents my first project working all the way through a 3D game element pipe-line: model, unwrap, texture, bump map, rig, animate, import to engine, apply collision mesh. 39 more words

3D Graphics

Rabbit Character Rig Demo

I posted this on the Gecko Animation Blog a couple of months ago, but I thought I’d re-post it here too for those that might have missed it. 123 more words


DAVE School - Block 2 Review (Part 5)

Last time we got to revisit the DOTA2 courier and now we’re moving on to a new challenge. We’ve rigged bodies and now it’s time to rig faces. 801 more words

DAVE School