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Adventures Aloft

The deed is done, but not without surprises.  Good news – I’m alive and unhurt, and didn’t have a panic attack.  Here’s how the trip shaped up: 802 more words

Sailboat Projects

Cartoony Rig

Rig Features:

•No Flip Knee Solution

•IK / FK Blend (Both Hands and legs)

•Proxy to Skinning mode

•Mirrored Attributes

•Smart Foot Roll with bend limit

•Flexible Bend Controls

Organizing the Ascent

Tomorrow is the day, at least for Part I.  I spent an hour today figuring out exactly what I’m going to do up there, organizing supplies, tools, and procedures. 221 more words

Sailboat Projects

Home-made Line Ascender

This is not an original idea – I found it on a sailnet forum post, and the guy who posted it copied from someone else.  Regardless, it’s dead simple, very effect, and it only costs about $30.   184 more words

Sailboat Projects

Tentacle Test


JavaScript required to play Tentacle_Test_01.

This week we were supposed to be a ninth of the way through with our goals for the semester. 345 more words




JavaScript required to play Lamp_Rig_01.

I rigged a lamp! This was a pretty easy assignment but I’m still pleased with how it came out. 182 more words