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London's bankers can now be forced to pay back bonuses long after they've spent them

Seven years ago, London’s bankers were riding high. The collective annual bonus pool (pdf) shared by traders and bankers in the city was worth more than £11 billion ($18.6 billion), … 432 more words

Negotiated Studies 45: Rigging Demo Reel

This is the rigging demo reel about three of the different rigs of the characters (a biped, a quadruped and a bird). My intention also was to show how much I worked in this process to make the characters ready for the animation.

Negotiated Studies

Negotiated Studies 41: Working in Glyndwr University (Rigging)

When I arrived at Glyndwr University, I had virtually finished the characters, with their rigging and skinning. The only thing that was missing was the facial skinning and the blendshapes of some of them. 262 more words

Negotiated Studies

Zoomer animation progress

This is just a test animation for the rig I built for this model. Kind of happy with it, but I’m thinking I should make the fin movements more subtle. 


Orion Coolers

As you all are probably aware, I’ve been out.  Away on a vacation that didn’t include any fishing – shocking, I know.  I had a great time too.   131 more words


Major Project: Off Peak

My Breakdown Reel

First half of the breakdown is rigging. My animation work starts at 2:24.

Off Peak is a final year Major Project short film which combines CGI monsters onto a live action plate. 1,066 more words


Ball in 2d dungeon

Now I’ve made some simple animation scene. Here is a screenshot of working process, and the gif will appear under cut