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Hola! so a few of my followers know i am super vocal. i have a huge vocal presence when something goes on.

The Michael Brown shooting has left a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of people, and of course folks are beginning to give their opinion on how things are playing out. 301 more words

Change marriage and you change the world...

“Change marriage and you change the world. Convince people that government, not God, lays down the rules for marriage, and they will believe more strongly that they determine right and wrong, that not even the world’s rulers are subject to a higher authority.”

- R. C. Sproul

Quoted People

AG Holder Goes to Ferguson to Get...err...Seek An Indictment...As the Real Truth Starts to Come Out

The “war-torn” city of Ferguson, Missouri has a new carpetbagger in town.

MSN News has the story…

Attorney General Eric Holder sought Wednesday to reassure the people of Ferguson about the investigation into Michael Brown’s death and said he understands why many black Americans do not trust police, recalling how he was repeatedly stopped by officers who seemed to target him because of his race.

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What does it feel like to be right?

Doing the right thing should feel different, even if belatedly, than doing the wrong thing. What if we can’t tell the difference. The lines blur the more you focus. 410 more words

World Culture

The Right and Wrong Conundrum:

Seldom does the heart know what it really desires: at one point it knows every hidden dream we ever dreamed; but once we are closer to achieving that ‘dream’, it starts generating mixed signals which usually makes us question every single step we take in achieving that dream. 696 more words

Creative Writing

There Is No Spoon

Note: I need to reiterate what is stated in my about me page: the views expressed in this article are solely mine and do not represent the views of any else, most notably my employer. 2,912 more words



Who does Ares defend in a war?

When you’re standing in the middle of

A battlefield, being a human being

In no man’s land, 

Which army do you turn your back to first?  169 more words