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Man boasts . . . .


Man. . . . boasts . . . . . .

(Woman too. ‘Man’ is the general/generalized term we will use to denote the human species. 787 more words


Moral Law

 Have you ever heard someone say “That’s not fair” or “That’s not right”? This sort of thing happens all the time. Every day, if we listen to the world around us, we will hear people talking about what is fair or right.  887 more words

A Short Ramble About Killing, Morality, and Straw-man Materialism, Part II

Looks like I have an entire second article at my disposal to get side tracked on, so let’s get right into it.

One of the more popular stances on purpose and morality under an evolutionary framework is the assumption that the continuation of humanity is good, and it’s discontinuation is bad. 710 more words


A Short Ramble About Killing, Morality, and Straw-man Materialism, Part I

Having heard some pretty astonishing things from some of my fellow Christians over the past few days, this article started off as a general sorting out of my thoughts regarding Israel’s actions over the past few days. 1,646 more words


Video: Why Does Decision-Making Cause So Much Stress?

I was recently invited to deliver a webinar in partnership with The UK Outsourcing Centre and I wanted to share the recording with you.

If you are wondering how you could possibly improve the way you make decisions and reduce the amount of stress and emotional tension you experience when making them, this webinar will be very helpful to you. 20 more words

Why Your Opinion Is Wrong

Uh-oh. I’ve offended you, haven’t I? Before the first sentence of this blog post, you are already thinking of ways to retort back about how you are actually right. 437 more words

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