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Right Person - Wrong Time

Often we come across the person we want and rarely do we meet the person we need. We always have the scenario of right time wrong person, but it is so unusual to have it switched around. 347 more words

This is not a fairy tale love story

I just want to make clear before I even begin that I am not against getting married young. Not at all. My parents were married young, and they have been together for 25 years. 650 more words


My heart can’t help but ache. Sometimes, I believe it’s a mind over heart concept. In my mind I know that if she isn’t the person I’m supposed to end up with, someone better will come along but my heart is telling me that I don’t want that to happen, it’s settled on her. 402 more words

Bits And Pieces

Yung mga blog na untitled

Lordship is a lot of love for God. And how much more can he teach us how lordship really works when he would ask us to surrender the areas that we are really afraid to let go, for example love life dahil february naman. 362 more words