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The Right Thing

by Chris Buchanan
Poetry, 2013
From the collection Growing Up Too Fast

Doing the right thing is easy,
but it isn’t much of a thing. 120 more words


Start Finding Things To Stand For...

Stop finding things to #stand against and start finding things to #stand for. I stand for #Jesus. #Repentance #Grace #Mercy

Rich Aguilar (@RichAguilar1) October 13, 2014



A friend showed me a video that I feel people should watch and share. In the field of architecture, quality is a factor considered most crucial of all. 34 more words


5 Reasons to Try Not to Be a Jerk

People can be jerks. This we know. Whether it’s bullying, pollution, theft, vandalism, gossiping, or just simply the feeling of schadenfreude, we know that people can all get a little mean. 1,879 more words


The High Road, Doing The Right Thing, Regardless

The high road is scary,
You’re often alone;
The air is so thin
There’s no where to roam.

The few times I’ve tried it,
I really wanted to fight; 168 more words


Doing the right thing is never wrong...

“What’s right isn’t always popular.  What’s popular isn’t always right.”  (Howard Cosell). Jack featured that little saying by Howard Cosell a few weeks back on his Jack’s Winning Words blog. 529 more words



They say integrity is defined as doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Performing well, or behaving ourselves, only when there is outside pressure to do so is not a character building trait. 373 more words