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The right to be forgotten, but not forgiven.

Just as with getting tattoos or removing them, (hint: both equally painful experiences), the furore over a recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the “Right To Be Forgotten”, (aka #RTBF), appears to be one that will hurt regardless of which end of the ruling you support. 755 more words


There’s a "Right To Be Forgotten" Industry—and It’s Booming

Ever since the European Union’s top court ruled in May that individuals have a “right to be forgotten,” Google has been working to abide by the new rules. 967 more words

Bing follows Google by offering 'right to be forgotten' form

Microsoft has started accepting requests from European users who want to have specific search results removed from their search engine, Bing.

The requests come as a result of the “right to be forgotten” ruling issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) in May. 427 more words


The EU v Palo Alto: An EU perspective on privacy

One year on from the Snowden revelations and the global privacy debate is by no means settled. FB announced it will be exercising its rights… 908 more words

Microsoft launches a new form to help Europeans become forgotten

Microsoft is now matching Google in yet another area.

This time, like its arch-rival, Microsoft is helping people become forgotten.

Following reports that it was intending to do so, the tech giant from Redmond has now created an… 429 more words


Google and Microsoft should be open about their de-linking processes in Europe

Like it or not — I’m somewhere in the middle — Google(s goog) and other search engines operating in Europe have to take down links to information about people if those people ask them to do so, provided there’s no public-interest or other good reason for keeping the links up. 827 more words