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Company directors are deep-sixing Google links citing ‘right to be forgotten’

In the past five months scores of current and former European company directors have removed Google links to information that they are required by law to disclose publicly, invoking their “right to be forgotten.” 905 more words


BBC News: Google changes 'to fight piracy'

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Google changes ‘to fight piracy’

Google announces changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb online piracy. 9 more words


BBC News: BBC to publish 'forgotten' page list

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

BBC to publish ‘forgotten’ page list

The BBC is to publish a continually updated list of its articles removed from Google searches under the controversial “right to be forgotten” rule. 9 more words


Forget Me Not

As noted in an earlier post, in May, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of an individual’s right to have Google delete certain links about that individual. 355 more words


Article 19 opposes the 'right to be forgotten'

The battle over the ‘right to be forgotten’ goes on, pitting against each other two conflicting basic rights – on the one hand free speech and on the other the right to individual privacy. 268 more words

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Google's Schmidt Stands Firm On Not Applying Europe's Search De-Listing To Google.Com

Google’s Eric Schmidt has held the line against extending European search de-listing requests to Google’s .com domain.

As it stands, successful requests made by private individuals under the  1,539 more words


Searching for balance: An afternoon with Google's European privacy roadshow

“We’re clearly implementing it — the way we’re doing it is workable,” Eric Schmidt said on Tuesday, less than enthusiastically. “It may or may not be comfortable.” 973 more words