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Thousands of Britons seek 'right to be forgotten'

One in 10 requests for web links to be removed from search results under European “right to be forgotten” laws have come from the UK, Google has said. 393 more words


Google is an algorithmic echo chamber -- but consumers still trust it over traditional publishers

Search engines are now more trusted news sources than traditional publications, social media, and other information discovery tools, according to an Edelman survey of some 27,000 people expected to be discussed at the World Economic Forum later this week. 411 more words


Google-Led Report On Europe's Right To Be Forgotten Coming This Month

Google is gearing up to respond to European privacy regulators’ call, from last fall, that it should be implementing search de-listing requests across Google.com domains, not just European sub-domains — as it currently is. 589 more words


Google fight over Mosley orgy shows censorship creep in Europe

A rich, powerful man won a series of court victories in France and Germany that arguably helped pave the way for Europe’s controversial “right to be forgotten”, which has helped people… 520 more words

Charlie Hebdo attacks : the downfall of EU privacy ?

France is still licking its wounds after the end of the manhunt of the suspected perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo attack that took place on January 7. 388 more words

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Falling off the data wagon!

January 3rd 2015 and I am already feeling the draw of data.  I made a promise to myself when I left my last role that I would take a break from hypothesising about data and the insights data blending can deliver to brands and business, as well as how it can significantly benefit us as individuals. 424 more words

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Φιλοσοφία της Πληροφορίας: Το δικαίωμα στη διαδικτυακή λήθη (1)

Ήδη από τον Πλάτωνα, ένα  ερώτημα, συστατικό στοιχείο της ανθρώπινης ύπαρξής μας, έχει απασχολήσει όσους στοχάζονται. Τί είναι αυτό που ορίζει τον εαυτό μας ως ένα συνεκτικό, ενιαίο και αυτόνομο “ον”, του χρόνου και του χώρου μεταβαλλομένων; Είμαστε απλά ένα σύνολο απόψεων, συναισθημάτων, ψυχολογικών αντιδράσεων που εκδηλώνονται και προσαρμόζονται ανάλογα με τις συνθήκες και τις περιστάσεις?