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Charlie Crist says 'woman's right to choose' extends to releasing wife's tax returns

#FLGovDebate Did Crist just say he believes in a woman's right to choose in ref to his wife not disclosing her tax turn?

— Judi Spann (@judispannAPR) …

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It Must Be 1973, Because We Are Still Talking ABout Abortion Laws.

How’s it going, Bitches?  Been a long while, hasn’t it?

Being a mom of two is hard sometimes.  It’s harder when you have the most loving, clingy and devoted # 2 baby who doesn’t ever let you get a minute to yourself.  554 more words


UP!--A FREE Harry Potter DOWNLOAD in Honor of Banned Books Week!

Before I begin this post—for anyone who’s interested: at the bottom of my “Princeton Book Festival” post, I put up pics of the inscriptions signed… 1,400 more words

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The Right to Choose Poetry

A hymn to paired planethood: Venus hits Pluto
as death, in cold orbit, collides with biology
smashing to fragments: demonic astrology
(more a black hole than a love-star – it’s true, though). 30 more words
My Shameful Addiction - To Poetry

Choosing She or Me

There’s an UpWorthy video popping into my Facebook feed, a Fisheye Moments presentation of a poem by the (seemingly quite talented) Leyla Josephine. The poem is titled “I Think She Was a She.” 613 more words


"Right to choose" should be the title of a consumers magazine

The “Right to Choose” should be the title of a consumers magazine; not a death sentence hanging over the child in the womb.


Potential life and potential death

We don’t call a dead body that has not decayed yet ”Potential Death”; so why do we call the child living in the womb “Potential Life”?