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UP!--A FREE Harry Potter DOWNLOAD in Honor of Banned Books Week!

Before I begin this post—for anyone who’s interested: at the bottom of my “Princeton Book Festival” post, I put up pics of the inscriptions signed… 1,400 more words

Writer Side Up

The Right to Choose Poetry

A hymn to paired planethood: Venus hits Pluto
as death, in cold orbit, collides with biology
smashing to fragments: demonic astrology
(more a black hole than a love-star – it’s true, though). 30 more words
My Shameful Addiction - To Poetry

Choosing She or Me

There’s an UpWorthy video popping into my Facebook feed, a Fisheye Moments presentation of a poem by the (seemingly quite talented) Leyla Josephine. The poem is titled “I Think She Was a She.” 613 more words


"Right to choose" should be the title of a consumers magazine

The “Right to Choose” should be the title of a consumers magazine; not a death sentence hanging over the child in the womb.


Potential life and potential death

We don’t call a dead body that has not decayed yet ”Potential Death”; so why do we call the child living in the womb “Potential Life”?


"Pro-Life" is just another kind of Abortion

This poster featuring Mr. Kouki’s statement is extremely misleading: it assumes that the fetus is a being for whom all choices can be made independently of the mother, and ignores the fact that it is actually totally dependent upon its mother while still in the womb.   690 more words

Social Justice

Lady Parts Justice

Sarah Silverman is part of a movement to help Texas women (and many others) keep the rights to our bodies and our health. She is aware that Rick Perry wants to change the amount of women’s healthcare clinics from 42 to 5, and she want to do something about it. 25 more words