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"Pro-Life" is just another kind of Abortion

Mr. Kouki’s poster is extremely misleading: it assumes that the fetus is a being for whom all choices can be made independently of the mother, and ignores the fact that it is actually totally dependent upon its mother while still in the womb.   610 more words

Social Justice

Lady Parts Justice

Sarah Silverman is part of a movement to help Texas women (and many others) keep the rights to our bodies and our health. She is aware that Rick Perry wants to change the amount of women’s healthcare clinics from 42 to 5, and she want to do something about it. 25 more words


The Right To Choose Your Own Path - Oprah Winfrey

The right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege ~Oprah Winfrey


Coercion ≠ Consent

Ladies & Gents this is an official PSA from BaldBrainsBoldBeauty.

Coercion is not equal to Consent.

Yes, you read that right.
Coercion is NOT  293 more words


For the last time, buffer zones don't stop shooters!

Odds are you’ve heard about the Supreme Court ruling that banned Massachusetts’ 35-foot buffer zones around abortion clinic entrances. In fact, it’s pretty hard to have NOT heard about it, since everyone is making a huge deal of it. 318 more words


What Women Want, by Deborah L. Rhode *****

Yes, thank you, I am a feminist. And in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision around the Hobby Lobby’s so-called “right” to deny its female employees the contraception of their choice via their health insurance, Rhode’s manifesto could not be more timely. 508 more words

Social Justice