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EP elections 2014: How to challenge a rise of radical and extremist parties?

In the EP elections in May (22 – 25) we may see a surge of eurosceptic and radical right and left wing parties. Would you say that the “mainstream” parties should put more focus on this during the campaign and, in general, how to address it in a few weeks campaign before the EP elections? 2,001 more words


There's something a little bit endearing about right-wing extremism

Periodically, my Facebook feed gets riled up when some ultra-rightwinger decries multiculturalism or eulogizes the antebellum South or says that Obama is going to put us all in concentration camps or engages in some other tacky political display. 551 more words


Garrow: ‘Marxist Muslim Amateur’ Obama Blew Up Missing Plane

Honestly, those right-wing weirdos and crackpots need to get a life…


If a screenwriter wanted to produce a parody of right-wing reaction to missing Flight 370, they couldn’t to better than what right-wing conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow  277 more words

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