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The Kinsey Scale (With a Bit of Sass)

The Kinsey Scale, for those of you who do not know, is a scale that was invented in 1948 that was designed to attempt to explain an individual’s sexual orientation at a given time. 396 more words


ST: TNG: Season 2, Ep. 9: "The Measure of a Man"

Capt. Jonathan:  Stardate:   If TREK had a LAW & ORDER episode, it would pretty much be this one.  But it’s better than that.  It’s an intimate story of Data’s right to be sentient, even though he is an android. 

I Substantiate...

This has been one of the first drafts of my Elevator Pitch, as part of the Kansas Women’s Leadership Institute.

Somewhere, I see myself evolving everyday out of this experience… 256 more words

Keep Scrolling.

It saddens me, and pisses me off to be quite honest, when people are hesitant to post things online for fear of offending someone or being called a hypocrite or judgmental or racist or whatever else they may be called because they happen to be human, because they have the audacity to think for themselves. 411 more words


Veganarchism and Emma Goldman.

Anarchy has a bad rap. Too many people conflate the ideas illustrated in anarchism with chaos. So much so, current hollywood blockbusters and deodorants use the name to sell more consumer goods. 544 more words


Long Live

 In a world where humans race

The pyramids go into outer space

Climbing to the top is rough

But staying there is just as tough… 129 more words