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Americans: just keep telling yourself "it cannot happen here"

Let’s begin this essay with our conclusions.  The majority of Americas do not want to be free as they are not willing to pay the price of freedom.   915 more words


Grown up life #6 - Knowing the difference between teething problems and a shark biting off your leg

It was my birthday yesterday. It didn’t feel like it at all. I spent time with my amazing boyfriend, he cooked me breakfast, we went shopping, I saw my Mum and sister, but I still felt a nagging in my head, something not right. 575 more words

Grown Up Life

Nanny Fantasy

Being in the states, labor is expensive. It’s a catch 22 situation because we move here to make money, since you get paid more to do jobs that wouldn’t pay you anything back home but at the same time you cannot afford to hire help for the same reason. 531 more words

LED Day - 89

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Day of June 28th 2014

Project LED

Your LIFE.....

If you could write a story of your life, what would you say?
Could you be proud or hang your head low?
Would you smile with happiness or frown in disappointment. 132 more words


Week Two | Day Four: Journal

Journal written by: T.K. Khuveio

I am immensely grateful to Samuel Vaiphei for introducing and teaching this important piece of work. 1,311 more words