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138 Garment Factory Workers Sacked

It has been well publicized for years now that workers in garment factories oversea’s are treated unfairly but nothing ever seems to get done. 

As my blog is about ethical fashion as well as the latest trends it only felt natural to post about this story I found on Twitter. 240 more words

Ethical Fashion

Natural Law and Social Contract

The Arcadian or Pastoral State, by Thomas Cole

Although the United States government is operated under a popularly-elected regime, each change of officials seems to concentrate more power in the central government branches, with less choice of action by individuals and private enterprise. 2,342 more words



Nauru, 2014: Read the story of the Immigration Detention Camps.

Imagine yourself in one of them.

Think again.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton: Vikings 'should suspend' Adrian Peterson

After Adrian Peterson was indicted on child abuse charges, the Vikings deactivated him for Week 2’s matchup against the Patriots. After New England eviscerated Minnesota, the Vikings reinstated him on Monday. 262 more words

Dealing with the Police.

I was randomly browsing through YouTube and somehow came across some videos of the police violating people’s rights. As I watch in horror, I put myself in their shoes and wondered how I would feel if it happened to me. 899 more words

We're From The Gov't - And We're Here To Help You!

Yeah, right…

(as stolen from Aaron @ The Shekel)

I have a hypothetical law-abiding client who had an issue related to a firearm for which he was contacted by a detective to come in and talk about it.

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