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We have all grown up encompassed by images of masculinity in society and are frequently pressured to wear a mask.The thing is, it’s patriarchy that says men are stupid and monolithic and unchanging and incapable. 

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Online, it's easy to lose your right to sue

By Jeremy B. Merrill

Walk into the grocery store, and you can sue if a clumsy clerk drops a box on your head. But what if a website leaks your personal data or an online retailer misleads you about the cost of a purchase? 1,229 more words

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No Place I'd Rather Be Than Home

There’s no place I’d rather be than in our home. It is the most comfortable place for most of the people. There you can walk, talk and act freely. 614 more words

Hang it Up...!


Hang it Up me


Hang it up un-justice

of So Called

Modern Society!


Pesky Questions about Privileges, Rights, and Responsibilities

Pesky Questions about Privileges, Rights, and Responsibilities 

  1. What does the term “rights” mean?
  2. What do the terms “responsible” and “responsibility” mean
  3. What rights do you have?
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Is It Wrong For Christians to Defend their Rights? | TGC | DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed

Christians in the West are familiar with apologetics as an intellectual or worldview exercise. We are less familiar with apologetics as a legal defense. This is an unfamiliarity that needs to be quickly remedied. 89 more words