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The Key to a Flexible Mind

For all the greatness of a human mind, all its ability to rationalize and discern, categorize and understand, it is a wonder that in all the years of our evolution as a species, rigid thought has not been superseded by more flexible ways of perceiving the world. 704 more words


The Flexible Mind

One of the principles of wellness, as far as we’re concerned, is the ability to be flexible.   Physically, it just feels better to be able to move in a variety of ways without feeling pain, and when we find we must move in a new way, if we’re flexible we’re able to do that without dire consequences. 522 more words


تعفن النظم

عندما يبدأ النظام بالتعفن لا يلبث أن يصدر روائح للدلالة على ذلك، من خلال هذه الفقرة سنعدد العلامات التي يجب أن نقف عندها لنستدل على تعفن نظامنا البرمجي ثم سنستعرض كل منها على حدى.

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Reading the world: The box

So the other day I was having a harmless conversation with my friend Peter when he comes about and tells me that I do not think outside the box. 373 more words


The Something of Whatever Whenever – Someplace, Somewhere

(found by the dumpster or in the kitchen sink or underneath the hearth of an abandoned fireplace)

Josie –

I do not very much like this place that you have sent me to visit. 371 more words


Arbitrary in Meaning

Meaning in life is arbitrary

Why ruin the universe with rigidity?

Why do we make the choices we do? After all, we do not have unlimited freedom to do things. 224 more words

the tin man within

I have heard “rigidity” being compared to Dorothy’s Tin Man with no oil can near by and that pretty much sums it up. Rigidity is  a fact of Parkinson’s because everyone with PD  gets it to some degree. 77 more words