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Arbitrary in Meaning

Meaning in life is arbitrary

Why ruin the universe with rigidity?

Why do we make the choices we do? After all, we do not have unlimited freedom to do things. 224 more words

the tin man within

I have heard “rigidity” being compared to Dorothy’s Tin Man with no oil can near by and that pretty much sums it up. Rigidity is  a fact of Parkinson’s because everyone with PD  gets it to some degree. 77 more words


When Saturn Met Sun..

Saturn had rings all over and decided to rush push all planets and meet Sun..

Sun ‘You are my son.. Don’t hurry.. else I will ensure you are the slowest moving planet in this universe’ 348 more words


Basically to do with respect – or the lack of it. A disrespect that has its roots in an unexamined, unquestioned presumption which a person has grown up with from childhood. 187 more words


Thinking Outside the Proverbial Box - Rethinking My Rigidity

Recently I just finished a book on women’s friendships and how they change as you grow older, on maintaining them, making them later in life and different challenges such as moving and being widowed. 391 more words


Rigidity and the Road to Ruin

It’s been a very long time since my last post and I do apologize for that; I have been on a new adventure that has taken a great deal of my time and attention. 713 more words