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Rime Gamescom Announce Trailer | PS4 [Video]

Rime was one of the surprise games that came out of Gamescom that wowed fans during the PlayStation conference. It’s being developed by Tequila Works exclusively for the PlayStation 4. 41 more words

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Luvly Day

We had a great day wandering in Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. After lunch at Rime we went to The Lunenburg Makery, I love the idea of a Makery. 92 more words

How Sony is Adapting to Change with the PlayStation 4

During Sony’s Gamescom 2014 conference, the company demonstrated how it is adapting to recent industry changes with the PlayStation 4.

Evolution or Devolution? The Rise of the Indie Game

Much like Sony’s many recent game showcases, their Gamescom conference put a massive emphasis on indie games, as well as giving the developers a prime spot on the stage to talk about their ideas. 654 more words

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Sony at Gamescom: What I Liked

A whole lot of knowledge was dropped on us at the PlayStation Gamescom conference. Let’s take a closer look at some of my favorite announcements, trailers and reveals. 319 more words


Two Games, One Emotional Feeling

It is not often that games can evoke emotion out of me, much less game trailers. Two games yesterday at Gamescom were able to do just that. 108 more words

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'Rime' Has Every Reason to be On Your List

Announced at last year’s Gamescom as an exclusive for Playstation 4, Tequila WorksRime now has a new trailer to go along with this year’s Gamescom, and, … 89 more words

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