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14 December 2014 -- #haiku

stately elm
dressed for winter
in glittering rime



All I hear is the fire within me,

The burning pain no one can see.

I’m without sight, not even a trace.

How am I supposed to know what I chase? 158 more words

Rime di caccia

non frecce
non più
pensieri sull’arco
ne tendo il nervo
ti fendo
al centro
perché il mio sforzo
ti resti


25. Caillou blanc

Petit caillou, canaillou,

Blanc étincelant.

Petit caillou blanc.

Dans l’antre de l’art coloré,

Petit caillou blanc, piquant,

Tu prends cadre doré.

Blanc du nez, blanc des pieds… 92 more words

Des Petits Cailloux

Rime of the Unvoiced

In love he tried with all his might.

For things were inching towards benight

All kin around, yet none think akin

Caught was he, amisdt the right,wrought and skin… 126 more words

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