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WHAT A WEDDING! Couple Employs Owl As Ring Bearer

One unconventional bride and groom decided to enlist an owl as their ring bearer, having the bird fly down the aisle to deliver their wedding bands. 350 more words


Including children in your wedding ceremony

In Thailand wedding ceremonies tend to be very relaxed and it’s really easy to include children. Some may be a little shy at first but since the ceremony will probably be held on the beach most quickly get into the spirit of things and have lots of fun. 454 more words


10 Reasons to Invite Kids to Your Wedding

Having a kid-free wedding is becoming the norm among young couples who want to trim their guest list and avoid potential disasters. Sure, you can’t predict what a toddler might do if left unattended near the dessert table or how they’ll behave during your carefully-planned ceremony…but can’t the same thing be said for your drunk college buddies and some of your rowdy cousins? 131 more words

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Big Daddy's Ideal Ring Bearer

This is a wedding idea that has Big Daddy going nuts. His boy Riggs as our ring bearer? Well all of my kids have places, so shouldn’t his, even if they are on 4 legs?