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Halloween Special | The Essential Asian Horror Movie Guide

Struggling to think of what films to watch this Halloween?

Then put the slashers about screaming teenage girls running up the stairs instead of for the front door to one side and give the exhausted found-footage thrillers the night off. 630 more words


Ring (1998)

It’s Halloween tomorrow, and I decided to do things right by watching a Japanese horror movie. Incidentally, this was the movie of the holy trinity of J-horror that also were remade in America (the other two being Dark Water and… 415 more words


Halloween Hithers Here

Halloween draws near.  And so comes the Halloween-related shenanigans (I should really be asleep right now).

Today, I learned that you can’t draw scary things if you “try”.  102 more words


One Wonders Why It Had To Be Presented In The Horror Style (Koji Suzuki, 'Dark Water')

When discussing Japanese literature in a 2003 interview, Koji Suzuki brings up the Japanese tradition of Shishōsetsu, or the I-novel ; the literary adoption of actual private experience, usually but not exclusively of the author, as a basis for fiction. 1,317 more words

Supernatural Fiction

31 Days of Our Favorite Horror Films, Day 19

The Ring  (2002, dir. Gore Verbinski)

by Mike

Watch a cursed VHS tape, yes a tape, and seven days later you die.  It’s a simple enough premise to adapt from the Japanese… 234 more words