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One Wonders Why It Had To Be Presented In The Horror Style (Koji Suzuki, 'Dark Water')

When discussing how ones reads Japanese literature in a 2003 interview, Koji Suzuki brings up the Japanese tradition of Shishōsetsu, or the I-novel ; the literary adoption of actual private experience, usually but not exclusively of the author, as a basis for fiction. 1,321 more words

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31 Days of Our Favorite Horror Films, Day 19

The Ring  (2002, dir. Gore Verbinski)

by Mike

Watch a cursed VHS tape, yes a tape, and seven days later you die.  It’s a simple enough premise to adapt from the Japanese… 234 more words


Sadako, A Character Analysis

So I’m not looking at authors this week. I’m not going to mention them, or research them or understand their influences, because I’m going to focus on one character, Sadako. 619 more words

Horror Movie Review: Ringu (1998)

Based on Koji Suzuki’s novel by the same name, this movie started a new trend of remakes of asian horrors, and also opened up for the popularity of asian horror on a world wide market. 570 more words

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Top 10 Scary Movies to Watch at Halloween

So as I mentioned in my post on Monday, I was going to put together some Halloween related posts over the next coming weeks, and no better way to start the eerie celebrations other than to share my Top 10 Scary Movies to Watch For Halloween!  837 more words


Ringu (1998)

A horror legend that spawned many a sequel and remake. Ringu is the original Japanese horror in the Ring series.

A film based on a novel based on Folklore, it is easy to see why Hideo Nakata’s film became so popular worldwide and why even to this day it and its whole family of films still inspire fear to any who watch it. 412 more words

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