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Is Riot Preparing a Female Void Champion for 'League of Legends'?

Developer Riot Games has recently released a brand-new champion for League of Legends – Kalista. Some might think she’s overpowered, although going by her spotlight alone, it’s pretty clear not everyone will be able to expertly play her, as she’s one of the toughest champions to master. 158 more words


'League of Legends' to Allow End-of-Game Gifting

Developer Riot Games has just announced players will soon be able to instantly send gifts to their team-mates and even opponents, once they have finished a match. 188 more words


2014 League of Legends World Championsh

If you ask me the main event that took place this year for gaming, more precisely eSports, is the 2014 League of Legends World Championship… 341 more words


Riot Games Paying League of Legends Hackers

Riot Games, developer of the worldwide gaming phenomenon League of Legends, has created what they’re calling the “Bug Bounty” program. This program will reward individuals who can find flaws in their game’s security or exploits that could upset the game’s balance. 169 more words


Back to Basics: Morale

Esports has become more than a simple way to play games online in a competitive setting. In fact it’s become a major growing industry that allows people from all over the world, both gamers and advertisers to earn quite a stable income. 992 more words

League Of Legends

Release week mega-many-games extravaganza!

          Alright viewers, you have had a few days to hit level 100 now, and if you don’t have a doctor’s note, you’re in trouble! Well not really, but the sentiment is there. 144 more words

What's next?

This week I’m talking about what I’ve covered so far, and what I plan on covering in the future. Overall, the League of Legends (league) community is a great community, and I want to widen my blog from just covering Riot Games (Riot) but instead talk about how players, professionals, celebrities, and everyone else impact social media just as much as Riot does. 52 more words