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'League of Legends' Next Champion is Azir, The Emperor of Sands

Developer Riot Games has revealed Azir, the Emperor of Sands, as the next champion on his way to the massively-popular MOBA, League of Legends… 212 more words


Gender Stereotypes in League of Legends

 I am a huge fan of MOBAs and I enjoy playing League of Legends very much. The world design, the community and gaming experience are all very much to my liking. 904 more words


Questions raised from the League of Legends OGN Winter cancellation

Following the recent news regarding the reversal of the OnGamesNet The Champions Winter, Riot Korea released this statement, by Richard Kwon, the Director of Riot Korea’s Esports Division, where he brought up a couple of questions: 1,122 more words


Service Denied: The Latest DDoS Attack

Saturday night I had an interesting experience.  I was sitting on the couch in my house with a beer in one hand and my Apple iPad in the other and was enjoying a nice quiet evening with a couple of quick… 761 more words


Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS European Playoffs

Europe Playoffs: Quarterfinals

Alright so, The quarterfinals between SUPA HOT CREW and ROCCAT was a hard one to choose basically because of the way the teams were during the summer split. 457 more words

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Riot Isn't Interested in Crowdfunding eSports Prize Pools

Just because The International was able to add over $9 million to the prize pool thanks to crowdfunding via sales of the Compendium and ESL boosted their prize pool for ESL One: Frankfurt the same way doesn’t mean that crowdfunding prize pools is for everyone. 279 more words


Once upon a time, there was a clan called The Shaolin Wolves.

It’s pretty surreal that The Shaolin Wolves turned one years old a couple of weeks ago as I never thought this clan would still be together and we are always looking for new recruits to join our humble community, whether you’re a noob or a pro, we don’t care as long as you can respect out… 112 more words