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Bikini Kill - You Really Had to be There

I’ve been using some more traditional quilting techniques as a way of exploring the sometimes dischordant relationship between embracing being part of a long line of women before me and wanting to live the life I want, rather than the one thats served up to me. 530 more words


The first appearance of Psycho Delia

This week I find myself at a gig to see Dee Plume, the other half of girl band Robots in Disguise who is debuting her first solo act as Psycho Delia. 364 more words

"Let's Call It Love" by Sleater-Kinney

It’s difficult not to be entranced by the martial, crunching drum-and-guitar beat that drives the first part of “Let’s Call It Love.” The title recalls pop standards of a bygone era and the lyrics throw down the sexual gauntlet.  40 more words

Five Stars

TV: Roseanne

Roseanne, säsong 8, avsnitt 7. “The Getaway, Almost” (ABC, 1995)


Feedback Friday: Bikini Kill

Image via The Couch Sessions

It’s occurred to me over the last couple of weeks that when it comes to women and snarling, post-riot grrrl/ punk informed aggression and music  – some might call it punk — though depending on who you ask,  it’s either an idea, a genre or a way to present your self aesthetically — the present-day landscape resembles a dumping ground of too many well-meaning ideals dotted over with distractions of empty symbolism like those identical trees that you see lining suburban medians, or landfills — take your pick. 47 more words

Feedback Friday

VECKANS SKIVA: Dum dum girls – End of Daze

Dum dum girls är ett D.I.Y-projekt som startades 2008 av Dee Dee Penny (aka Kristin Welchez) hemma i hennes sovrum. Älskar den tanken, det triggar till kreativitet. 47 more words