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Good Bye Friend Part 2

As I sat next to him, it became more and more obvious that something was terribly wrong. It was until he fell off the bed gasping for air, that I was aware it was worse than I feared. 381 more words

R.I.P. 'Mr. "Baker Street" Sax Man' ...... Raphael Ravenscroft


ラファエル・レイヴンズクロフトといわれて、即、想い浮かべられる人は少ないでしょう。ただし、ジェリー・ラファーティーの”Baker Street”のサクソフォンといわれたら、すぐにわかる人も結構多いんじゃないでしょうか。

英スコットランド系のサクソフォニスト。1979年、彼個人のアルバム”Her Father Didn’t Like Me, Anyway”をリリースしてもいますが、ピンク・フロイドの”The Final Cut”を始め、マーヴィン・ゲイ、ABBA、アメリカ、マイク・オールドフィールド、キム・カーンズ、ロバート・ブラント、ブランドX、クリス・レア、ボニー・タイラー、ダフト・パンク等の陰で彼の”音”とふれていた人がほとんどかと想います。

そして、”Baker Street”でのそれでも。



R.I.P. Raphael Ravenscroft (1954.6.4 – 2014.10.19)


Ben Bradlee Died Yesterday - Journalism Died Years Ago

From the Washington Post:

Mr. Bradlee called reporters “the best lie detectors,” and nothing mattered more to him than exposing the truth, even if it took a long time.

227 more words
Media Zombies

Ode to the King of the Ready Carpet. The Golden Oscar.

Like many of you I grew up watching the Oscars. The highlight for me, as for many fashion lovers, is what happens before the Oscars, watching the stars walk down the red carpet in their breathtaking dresses.   386 more words


R.I.P: Fashion Icon Oscar de la Renta dies at 82

Legendary fashion icon Oscar de la Renta is being mourned today after passing away yesterday evening at the age of 82. The iconic fashion designer, who battled cancer for almost a decade, dressed every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy along with other names such as Oprah Winfrey and Anne Hathaway. 51 more words