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Fall tomatoes

I have kept the tomatoes alive until now by covering them on frosty nights. Now they look very scraggly and don’t ripen any more in the cool weather of autumn. 26 more words


Now it’s the turn for soft cheeses


Soft cheese.- Characteristically, soft cheeses owe their creamy consistency to their high water content. They reach their optimum maturity and flavour very quickly and have a short shelf life in comparison to that of hard cheese, for instance. 785 more words

Cheese Production


A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them. 43 more words

Who would I be?

What might I be if I’d been allowed, or allowed myself, free reign to follow childhood passions?

A pianist, a singer? A meteorologist? A camp counsellor? 233 more words


More On Cheese Ripening

As any good gardener knows, each plant or type of flower requires a specific, unique care; in the same regard and applying the same principle, we can say that each cheese needs careful handling. 299 more words

Cheese Production

A few words on ripening

It is through ripening –also called, ageing, or maturing process– that a cheese develops its particular character. Cheeses ripen very individually, depending on their shape, size, age, and type. 578 more words


Red Beauty Bell Pepper Plant Looking Quite Ugly

The very first day we got any plants to nurture  and well before we thought about starting a garden again, we got 2 bell pepper plants from Andersen’s Nursery and put them into 2 different black fabric grow pots.   431 more words

Bell Pepper