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Day spent

On the xbox all day! Finally got the time to totally chill out.

I got my rock moves

Oh, the gym.

The gym, the gym, the gym.

Gym gymminy, gym gymminy, gym gym gyree…

The fucking gym.

I realize I haven’t posted since last week. 1,063 more words

Exercise can literally change how you view the world

Exercise Can Literally Change How You View The World, Simulation Study Reveals.

But a new study suggests that exercise can literally change how you see the world — and those around you — by making your environment appear less threatening and more positive. 246 more words

Buff vs Skinny vs None of Society's Business

I wanted to write a brief blog about why I’m doing what I’m doing…. And to try and explain how I feel about it. (Oh god, feels? 625 more words


Acquiring Low Body Fat: Caloric Intake

Having a low body fat is the #1 key to achieving that sculpted, aesthetic looking physique that is so attractive to look at. You can have all the muscle mass you want, but if your body fat isn’t low enough to actually see them, then what’s the point? 596 more words