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Exercise can literally change how you view the world

Exercise Can Literally Change How You View The World, Simulation Study Reveals.

But a new study suggests that exercise can literally change how you see the world — and those around you — by making your environment appear less threatening and more positive. 246 more words

Buff vs Skinny vs None of Society's Business

I wanted to write a brief blog about why I’m doing what I’m doing…. And to try and explain how I feel about it. (Oh god, feels? 625 more words


Acquiring Low Body Fat: Diet 1.1

Having a low body fat is the #1 key to achieving that sculpted, aesthetic looking physique that is so attractive to look at. You can have all the muscle mass you want, but if your body fat isn’t low enough to actually see them, then what’s the point? 596 more words


The Ripped Muscle X 60 Capsules

Ripped Fuel Extreme Works To Make You More Dominant Starting Your First Day of Use:

Ripped Fuel Extreme Builds muscle Mass Like No Other Suplement from Market: … 309 more words

Britney - from rags to riches, back to rags again

A polished look is the first sign a star is gaining popularity, money and… a stylist. You half-expect it when they start getting invitations for shows and major carpet events. 78 more words


Day 286: Achy breaky tank top

Today was an insanely lazy Sunday, except for a short morning stint of excitement captured in this photo. I actually really like this outfit and I planned it in just a few short minutes. 65 more words

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Ephedra Free 60

It’s already been called the world’s earliest medicine, the miracle body fat burner, and is recognized in some areas of the US since “Mormon tea” … 319 more words