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Dont be average

Dont waste your life trying to be or look average. Never settle for decency. Always strive for excellency. I go in the gym and push myself harder and harder everyday because I want to look godly. 24 more words


Quailty over Quanity

You dont get stronger and/or bigger WHILE you workout. While you workout you create micro tears in the muscles. Your body heals these tears in the muscles and creates even stronger and/or bigger muscles during rest!!! 171 more words


Before pictures, P90X3 MASS

These are my before pictures. I am doing P90X3 the MASS workout. After the 90 days I will post my after pictures. I am starting this at 150 lbs and hoping to get up to at least 165.

Creativity at its finest

So for my first post, I guess I kinda have to explain myself a bit right? Well yeah, so here it is. I’ve always spent hours and hours on… 548 more words


My favorite Mr Olympia....FRANK ZANE

Back before most pro bodybuilders started to have the distended gut look that I really hate from using too much growth hormone and insulins. Sure, Frank definitely used roids, but roids by themselves are NOT bad for you if used safely. 43 more words

Todays Breakfast.. 11 APR 14

My Saturday tradition, scrambled eggs (1 egg yolk per 3 whites), 2 slices bacon (cut in half to make it seem like more), today I happened to have a small piece of rib eye steak approx. 41 more words



Ripped Jeans are taking over the streets…
Are You?