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The Ripper

Drive past the city lights
In hopes that he might
Find a dime to love for a while
Midnight to the break of dawn
For a little while he could belong… 35 more words


Sponsor-less? Derek Peters Takes Care of Business

Derek Peters from Blaine Suque on Vimeo.

I’m sure after the four days this video went live on Surfing Magazine’s web site, Southern Californian ripper Derek Peters has since received numerous contacts from sponsors of all caliber.

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The Spanish Spider

The Spider was designed to mutilate a woman’s breasts. The spider is nothing but a variation of the famous breast ripper, though the spider is believed to be more painful. 87 more words


bloody words diRt

Eyes, meet, countenance, warm
Hands, ache, touch, they, did
Electric, sparks, goose, bumps
Lips, full, feel, each, desires
Fingers, explore, horny, landmines, triggered

Sweat, heat, dilated, eyes, pace… 125 more words