List of stories I made/making/considering that’s mainly ROTG (may change over time . . . .)

  • Guardian of Music (in progress)
  • Guardian of Luck- Book 2 of above (not made yet/considering)
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Rise Of The Guardians

The AS Epic Secret Project - Revealed

Coming soon: Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons piano suite! What is more epic than a medley of not one, nor two, but four awesome soundtracks altogether? 62 more words


ROTG Stories

Ok so here is a list of stories I made/making/considering that are ROTG (the list may change over time. . . .)

Rise Of The Guardians

Author's Note

Hi! To make things easier for you guys (hopefully) look where it says “Recent Posts” and click on the one all the way at the bottom and everything will be in order for you. 12 more words

Rise Of The Guardians

❄All about Elsa❄

I’m bored again, so I watched ‘Let it go’ and immediately thought: I should make a post on Elsa.

So we all know Elsa as… 493 more words

Disney Stuff

A Sentinel's Prerogative

Title: A Sentinel’s Prerogative (is to Protect the Guide)

Pairings: Jack Frost/E. Aster Bunnymund, North/OMC, more to be added later

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Sentinel/Guide AU, violence, angst, Bunny hate, foul language, m/m sex, Bunny/Jack sex. 246 more words

A Sentinel's Prerogative

Making The Villain Human

Warning: I kind of spoil things from the movie: Rise of the Guardians and the tv show Avatar: The Last Airbender

Recently I watched Rise of the Guardians… 1,383 more words

Avatar: The Last Airbender