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Attitude determines Altitude

I should not be here.  It has been reiterated to me many times.  I should not have survived everything that happened to me last summer.  I keep being told by all my health professionals that they can’t believe how tough I am or how well I’m handling all the treatments and how good I look.  1,211 more words

Random Thoughts


Slivers of light
pierce through
my darkness
slicing the shroud
under which
I’d taken
what I thought
was refuge
Rays of hope
filter through
my secret place… 50 more words


Lost and confused

I find myself at a crossroads once again. I have a job that I went to school for and am now in debt over to the tune of nearly $50,000. 960 more words


Prompt #67 and Wordle #21

The leaves alone stir,
Delicate memoirs of hearts
Torn asunder and laid
Vicariously to rest.
That I were shrapnel
The perfect embodiment
Of a perfectly unjust hate… 251 more words

True Story

I’m at FedEx today, mailing off a package (something typically done at a FedEx). I’d been here numerous times so the guys there and I can always banter and joke back and forth. 247 more words


Mother spirit quote

We women have something in us that makes us rise above smaller matters when the mother-spirit is invoked. 

Dracula by Bram Stoker 


Bram Stoker