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10 first jobs and the lessons they taught

Barbara Corcoran tried 22 jobs before she found the right career. That was the subject and title of a video interview she did with LinkedIn Executive Editor, Daniel Roth. 1,116 more words


60 Ways To Rise Above

Peace Earthlings!

so let’s continue where we left off on the previous post “Rising Above.” in this post i thought i’d share a cool list of 60 things that i do to rise above or stay the course upward…. 330 more words

Life Notes

Rising Above

peace earthlings! (i think i like this one LOL)

so today i was pondering what is it to do as the sayings go “rise above” or “take the higher road?” what is it to access my higher planes in the midst of life’s many distractions, those around me functioning on lower planes and my everyday personal challenges? 334 more words

Life Notes


Vulnerability: susceptible to attack or harm either emotionally or physically…capable of being wounded or hurt….

This is without a doubt the hardest thing for me. I have always avoided being vulnerable, be it with my emotions/letting people in/trusting of others/letting people see who I am. 308 more words

Swallow That Energy


I love swallows, my husband has been putting up a nesting box for our tree swallows for decades and they always use it. 61 more words

Miscellaneous Cards

Bright Sunny Skies, Or More Miserable Storm Clouds of Agony?

The future is clearer but still so foggy

Can’t quite tell what tomorrow brings

Sunny skies

Or more miserable agony

I’ve come so far

Yet am still so far away… 142 more words


Loving Life Lesson 1: Live and Let Live

Live and let live.

A quote so old and cliche that people let it flow in one ear and right out the other, with a shrug and without a second thought.  

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Core Values