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The multi talented Alon Bentley

Born in England and currently planning a move to LA, Alon Bentley is a multi-tasking artist with several different aces in the hole when it comes to making an impression, especially a witty one. 235 more words

Rising Stars

The striking Melissa Ricci

Melissa Ricci is an undisputable Hollywood star and a popular film and TV actress. She was born and raised in France. She used to be a Ballerina, but unfortunately the dream of becoming an accomplished dancer would not see the light of the day after a major accident. 256 more words

Rising Stars

Introducing Actress Shea Kimpton-Brown

12- year old Shea Kimpton-Brown may have got into acting a little later than her 9-year old sister Summer Kimpton-Brown. But she has already begun to make a mark in her field. 235 more words

Rising Stars

One of Britain's youngest treasures- Summer Kimpton Brown

At the age of 9, Brit Summer Kimpton-Brown is a star being born. While traveling in a car once with her mom, she listened to an advert of Celebrity Talent Academy on the radio looking for young and fresh talent  to perform in film and television. 225 more words

Rising Stars

How 5 Young Women Are Attacking Education

Check out the Forbes article titled, “How 5 Young Women Are Attacking Education, Healthcare, and The Environment” written by Denise Restauri on June 24, 2013. This article¬†asks the following 5 Rising Stars what their visions are for the future in regards to education, healthcare, and the environment: Barbara Bush – CEO and Co-Founder of Global Health Corps, Jennifer Corriero – Co-Founder and Executive Director of TakingITGlobal, Katy Digovich – Direction/Founder of PING & CEO/Founder of Develo, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel – Founder and Direction of Academy for Global Citizenship, and Iris Lapinski – CEO of CDI Apps for Good. 8 more words