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To troubleshoot, first spot the trouble

Digby Jones has re-emerged into the limelight via a new Troubleshooter series on BBC2. He has already had a high profile career including stints as Vice Chairman of Corporate Finance at KPMG, Director-General of the CBI and a spell as a Government Minister. 321 more words


Zurich Studie : Die 7 Gross-Risiken im Cyberspace



Nicht nur Banken sind systemrelevant: Die IT-Vernetzung schafft Gefahren, von denen nicht einmal die Experten etwas ahnen. Die Zurich-Gruppe veröffentlicht nun eine ernsthafte Warnung. 119 more words

Intelligence Economique

0.02 Prozent

In September 2013 Italy became the world’s first country to introduce a tax on high-frequency trading. Italy’s government now collects 0.02% on all trades that take place in less time than half a second. 6 more words


To understand risk management, let us first understand what is a risk and what is not a risk?

Consider the following statement, “I run a risk of collision when I drive on a crowded street as my brake pads are completely worn-out”. 666 more words

Quality Assurance

Planning a Backpacking Trek pt. 3

The motto of the Boy Scouts of America is “Be Prepared”.  Prepared for what?  Well, any old thing said our founder.  Being prepared for your backpacking trek is an absolute must.   898 more words


Evidence-based security risk management

In an article written by Judy Mottl about the 2014 edition of Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, something interesting has been pinpointed: lack of evidence-based security risk management. 598 more words

Security Failure

Building Castles....

Today’s cybersecurity personnel come in all shapes and sizes and in many respects, their past experiences and effort play significant roles in their today and tomorrow. 479 more words