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Aren't all Insurance Companies the same?

How Can I Determine the Financial Strength of My Insurance Company?

How do you compare life insurance companies? What features do you examine? What criteria do you use? 347 more words

Financial Services

We Need to Check Ourselves

So I’m not sure why, but I set marketwatch.com is my work computer’s internet homepage. Every day, when I open the internet, I see the headline for MarketWatch. 532 more words

Risk Management

Selling Cans of Air & Bottles of Sound

A particularly unvarnished post on the Oxebridge blog caught our attention recently. The author, feeling a bit distressed by claims that ISO 9001:2015 requires “risk management”, solicited opinions from risk management professionals – including authors of ISO 31000 (guidance on risk management). 105 more words

Risk Management

Managing your risk – in the office!

When we think of dangerous work zones, we often think construction sites, roofers or manufacturing – but we see a fair share of workers’ compensation claims coming from office workers.  493 more words

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My Health Care is How #$@%$*! Much?

What Types of Health Coverage Are Available?

Rising health-care costs have driven the demand for, and the price of, medical insurance sky-high. The availability of group coverage through employment has helped many Americans face such costs. 1,428 more words


FFIEC Updates - Cyber-Attacks on Automated Teller Machine/ Card Authorization Systems & Distributed Denial of Service Attacks


In April 2014, financial regulator Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) released critical updates on risks associated with a new genre of fraudulent and criminal activities targeted towards financial institutions. 1,103 more words

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Risk Management I-Learning

This is our ultimate risk management interactive learning event.


It provides you with a unique opportunity to attain not only the theoretical knowledge of risk management from our expertise as thought leaders in this area – releasing current thinking in publications such as Managing Successful Programmes and Management of Risk (M_o_R®) – but also to attain an understanding of the practical application we have acquired as accredited consultants assessing organisational performance. 35 more words