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if I stay...

If I stay I’ll get into this matrix, I’d always be part of the system that would never change. I’ll become a slave for society. That’s why I have to leave, to study abroad. 33 more words

Thoughts With Ink

Interstellar, Murphy's Law & Safety

If you watched Interstellar you should heard the word “Murphy’s law”. It’s also in the trailer if you can remember. But if you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t be afraid, you can still safely read this article! 435 more words


Lesson 4: Diversification

Lesson 4: Diversification

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

-An interpretation of a line in Don Quixote

So we know that given a return we don’t want to take on any more risk unless we have the possibility of more gain. 715 more words


Swamp hole

An enjoyable walk in the woods turned terrifying for the boys (and dad) when they both fell into a swamp hole. Oscar wasn’t too bad, only halfway in, but Adam went up to his neck and I had to drag him out by his hood. 67 more words


Let that finance enter your life...

Have you ever faced a time when days pass by so quickly that at a point you write a date on a piece of paper and you can’t believe it. 938 more words


Aunque el Beso Termine, Beso es Beso.

Nunca había ordenado mis ideas lo suficientemente bien para expresar el temor que siento cuando me hablas muy de cerquita. Es el mismo temor que siento cuando mi gato se acurruca a mi lado, la misma angustia presente cuando le doy un abrazo a mi hermano. 438 more words

Your Life your Happiness.

What is life?We are on this earth for some 80 odd years. And what we do in these 80 odd years is what matters. We could either follow our heart ,take risks and do what we want to do without caring for anyone elses opinion and living for your own happiness, regardless of the criticism of people, or we could live our life according to the rules and regulations of society, never doing anything risky, always taking the safe way and never realizing our dream. 231 more words