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Surrender Is Not For Wimps

The term surrender seems to have a negative connotation. We tend to equate it to giving up, giving in, loser, and tapping out. Surrender in our minds is equivalent to defeat and raising up the white flag. 238 more words


Balsamic Glazed Mushroom Chicken

Hope everyone survived the storm! Fortunately, my power stayed on and I took advantage of my snow day in the kitchen with some new recipes.  And wine ;) Here is an easy quick chicken recipe that tastes awesome – Balsamic Glazed Mushroom Chicken… 310 more words

skating on thin ice

there’s no more skating on thin ice with me. you’re just jumping into open water. swim at your own fucken risk. wednesday quote


Access control

Marriott got slapped for $600,000 for preventing guests from using their own Wi-Fi connections, as opposed to paying for the right to use Marriott’s connection. 127 more words


The time is NOW!

It will never be easier for you to take risks for God and his Kingdom than RIGHT NOW. 

This is ESPECIALLY true for single 20-somethings. You may think that later, somehow, things in your life will be more conducive to serving and adventuring with God.  125 more words



not to confuse
fear and avoidance
with responsibility
sometimes it is
to avoid risk
is to risk

not to mix up… 63 more words


The risks of continuing to smoke after diagnosis, treatment for prostate cancer

An article just published in BJU International has further confirmed the risks associated with continuing to smoke cigarettes after initial diagnosis with, and treatment for, prostate cancer. 378 more words