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High Risks in Your Supply Chain that You May be Blind To

The benefits of outsourcing production processes or services to suppliers are many: it can provide a better product or service than you would be able to produce internally; it can increase your efficiency; it can allow you to focus on core areas; and, of course, it can reduce your overall costs. 443 more words


the dive

Alas, victory is mine!

I successfully linked this blog to my Facebook page. Party ova here!

The next step is to actually post something of substance. 84 more words

Writing Fiction


risk is seductive
drowned in expensive perfumes
a scent that fills your lungs and creates an air of mystery
wearing the mask of an old friend, 52 more words


Adverse events; help is at hand

Our blood supply today is the safest it has ever been, but the latest UK Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) data shows the greatest risk to the patient is non-infectious complications of blood transfusions such as transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI), haemolytic transfusion reactions (HTR) and incorrect blood component transfused (IBCT). 262 more words

Why Online Shopping is Still a Risk

Recently I’ve been bombarded with ads on Facebook and Twitter about a series of coats from several companies offering them at extremely low prices. So, you already might have guessed what I did; I decided to get one. 641 more words

Known Unknown

Saw It Coming

I saw it coming
But you refused to see
You shut your eyes
And turned away from me
The mirrored image
Showed the tumults sway… 123 more words


Why you should go ahead with that business idea

Many potential entrepreneur’s business ideas never see the light of the day out of fear of being imitated or improved on in some way by faster, more competent players. 348 more words