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Mario Balotelli is a risk, but a top striker for £16m is a risk worth taking for Liverpool

Mackay attended Kick It Out’s 20th anniversary dinner just three months before sending ‘racist’ texts Previous Next The view from Liverpool: Signing troublesome Mario Balotelli is a risk, but a top striker for

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Not Taking Care of Children in the 1970s

2014-08-21 – The other day, my friend Kara posted a fun article on Facebook called “8 Reasons Children of the 1970s Should All Be Dead.” It talks about how parents in those days blithely ignored deadly risks to their children. 628 more words


Why do we spend so much time
And energy
Seeking friends and companions?
What drives and nudges us on,
Through confusion
To take risks and keep trying? 50 more words

The Ferguson Challenge: Talking Across Race

I just returned from business travel that required flying in and out of Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) airport. I had to take a taxi from the airport to where I was scheduled to work. 774 more words

Unitarian Universalism

.25 Hypocritical

I’m the friend that always, without a doubt, says “Don’t give up hope.  Life is about risks.”

To this day, I still stand behind that. Shit happens and people are assholes and we bruise ourselves all the time when we think we’re being careful. 314 more words


[FM] Expected Utility and Valuation of Risky Payoffs

Having established that expected utility is the quantity to consider when valuing risky gambles, we are ready to start thinking about how to value risky payoffs. 787 more words


3 nights in Vegas with a man I've never met...

So…that sounds awful. Let me start off with a little about how I’m NOT a promiscuous slut. :) I dated 1 boyfriend for 3 years then dated and married 1 and that lasted 10 years, dated 1 a whole 6 months then dated again and that lasted 4 years. 353 more words