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Ebola: Real Danger or Perceived?

Ebola: Real Danger or Perceived?

By: Sunint B.

Ebola. It’s on our minds right now, while some of us feel safe, while others feel that it will never get to us. 319 more words


Conquering the Climb

While growing up my grandmother had a little Japanese tree in her backyard.  This tree wasn’t any ordinary tree. It was the tree that every grandchild had to conquer and climb, and let me tell you it was perfect for climbing. 118 more words

Now I'm a Schoolgirl

So I have a question. A rhetorical question, of course, as I don’t expect this question to ever be answered. Here goes; At what point does love and attraction turn into pain? 873 more words

Bond Risk Profiles Flip Flop... Slightly

Yesterday we noted TLT (often risk OFF) was popping up from its flag.  Today that is reversed.  Today we see a massive risk ‘ON’ impulse throughout… 35 more words


Link between information and money

Citigroup cut its 3rd-quarter results (reported Oct. 14) due to higher legal fees and “‘very recent communications with certain regulatory agencies.'”

“Legal Shadow Falls Over Citi,” … 46 more words



hard pressed to do right

a choice, a fork in the road

decisions to make

consequences will follow

choose wisely, have no regrets

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

New Age Poetry


Money…..Money……and more money. There is reason they call it the root of all evil. Just the thought of having an abundance of it is tantalizing. Of course I would advise any person trying to make their life more effective to manage their money responsibly, but when it comes to making money I advise a less conservative approach. 161 more words