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Government dispute with the Sherpas: Risk Vs Compensation

Deepest condolence to the friends and families who lost their loved ones in the tragic avalanche on Mount Everest. It is consoling to know though few of the initial compensation demands have been met by the government. 132 more words

Government Policies

Julia Is Right

“In order to risk, we must jettison our accepted limits.”.  - Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way.

She’s right you know.  She also says, “the success of creative recovery hinges on our ability to move out of the head and into action.” 815 more words

In Memory Of That Giant Leg: 20th December 2011

Life’s a nomadic murmur, albeit with the rhythm of the cosmos.

There is uncompromising truth in the statement: “All good things are wild and free”. The weak control and the strong endure it not. 170 more words


Food for thought.

Food for thought.. Food for thought #37: Passion is in the risk.


Food for thought.

Food for thought.. Food for thought #37: Passion is in the risk.


Remembering Earth, In Games

Let us take a short break to remember one of the unsung characters in many of our favorite games: the Earth.  Often silent yet always omnipresent, this planet shapes our greatest conquests, encapsulates our fears, and routinely allows mankind to plant its final banner against the most overbearing foes. 478 more words


Miracles Through Trials

So, you think miracles are impossible?  And prayer doesn’t do anything?

I admit, Monday night was my spiritual low.  I cried, I questioned God, I let Satan discourage me. 361 more words

Mission Trip: Harbin 2014