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Step by step guide on how to achieve a vintage faux bob...

The Vintage waved bob is one of my most favourite looks of all times… it looks amazing for a wedding or a special occasion, and can be dressed down without accessories for day-to-day.  299 more words


Vote: "Happy" or "Stayin' Alive"

The American Institute of Architects has announced its basic lack of seriousness as an organization by announcing that the artist who recorded “Happy” will be the keynote speaker for its upcoming convention. 200 more words


David Brussat reblogged this on Architecture Here and There and commented:

Remember when the AIA invited Pharrell Williams to keynote its last annual meeting? I don't know whether that ever happened, but I had reason to revisit the post I did on March 22 criticizing the AIA for inviting Williams, and expressing my bafflement at the line "What it feels to be a room without a roof." I still feel that criticism was valid, but I did click to watch the "Happy" vid again and the scales fell from my eyes. A room without a roof is, of course, a public square, a civic plaza, a space surrounded by walls - the facades of buildings - but without a roof. And if the walls are ugly, it's a room without a view. Groovy! Let's all clap in time, look up, and look at the sky! Is not the sky just another word for a perfectly wonderful roof? Well, that's a philosophical question well above my pay grade, but I repost my original reaction to the AIA's invitation with this tart rejoinder to my own confusion. Click on "Happy" and be happy. Note, however, that to survive in most of the environments used as backdrops in the video, a roomful of happiness would be required to ward off depression. And also don't forget to click the link to the video of Rita Hayworth clips backing up The BeeGees' "Stayin' Alive." Now there's something that is sure to make your happy happy! (And then to stoke yourself up even more, click the link to the video of old movie scenes shot in the old Penn Station. Ahhh!)

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth making me want to dye my hair. Again. Glorious red locks!

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Vintage Glamour

Victor Mature : Man of Action

Taking on the Japanese.

Fighting sharks long before Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw.

Playing with fire.

Making history.

Taming the Jungle.

Messing with Vincent.

Lastly, making me jealous!

Daily Take

Blood and Sand (1941)

Rita Hayworth as Dona Sol sporting scarlet red almond-shaped long nails.

Manicures In Movies