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"Psychiatry isn't a real branch of medicine" says Ryan the premed who is hooked on Ritalin

From The Premed Diaries:

An unfortunate fact of being a premed student is that we are required to take electives in the humanities and social sciences.

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The War Against Children

My next two posts relate to the unspeakable trauma Americans experience as children. The first film concerns the transformation of American schools into virtual prisons. The second discusses the deliberate targeting of children by corporate advertising. 634 more words

Attacks On The Working Class

Local Researchers Find Ritalin Can Reverse Effects Of General Anesthesia

BOSTON (CBS) – General anesthesia is a wonderful thing, but it comes with risks, including lasting effects on the aging brain. As our population ages, and more and more seniors will be undergoing surgery, those brain effects could become a public health problem. 369 more words


And They're All Made Out of Ticky Tacky...

When are you getting married? Do you plan on having kids soon? How long have you guys been together? These are questions that I come across almost daily. 571 more words

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It’s almost 2am and it’s yet another sleepless night. It’s been like this for weeks now but it’s worse now that I’ve started taking Ritalin. I started 2 nights ago. 77 more words

Finding Ourselves Through Cosmetic Pharmacology

It’s no secret that as a millennial, one of our biggest driving forces is self-discovery.

Who am I? Who are you? How does what I stand for differ from what you stand for? 1,999 more words

The Legal Drug Culture

Here’s a story we have all come to be way too familiar with: it’s 3 times more likely that it starts with a little boy than a little girl, who has trouble focusing on what his parents or teachers want him to focus on, but he seems to have ever lasting energy to do the things he finds entertaining. 1,897 more words

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