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Deep thoughts

Ever looked at someone & they appeared 10 years older? Or younger? Yourself included. I rarely feel my age, I must say. And that, I believe, is what keeps people guessing about my age. 945 more words

Daily Inspirations, I Say That Laughingly . . .

ADHD explained for the non-medical person

Have you ever heard someone say “that child does not have ADHD, he just has bad parents” or “that person does not have ADHD, they are just unorganized”. 652 more words

Learn Something New

Rodeo Brain

I’ve blogged before about my diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

It’s a contentious condition. Some believe it’s nothing more than an excuse for drug companies to medicate children. 611 more words


Begegnung in der Bibliothek

Ich treffe sie in der Warteschlange der Verbuchungstheke der Stadtbibliothek. Sie freundlich lieb, aber auch immer schon durch ihre Impulsivität auch manchmal tatktlos. Ich kenne Sie aus dem Cafe wo ich meinen Handarbeitsstammtisch habe. 583 more words


Bipolar Parent - Are they what they seem?

Now bare with me I’m going to talk about two sets of parents and kids. Let’s begin briefly with my parents and then dive on into what’s happening with my Bipolar family as a direct result. 541 more words


Timothy Denevi "Hyper: My Personal Story Of ADHD"

Timothy Denevi was among the first generation of boys prescribed medication for hyperactivity in the 1980s. He took Ritalin at the age of six, and during the first week, it triggered a psychotic reaction…doctors recommended behavior therapy, then antidepressants…nothing worked. 114 more words


Treating ADHD: If Not Drugs, Then What?

Some children, when asked to attend to certain tasks, do so for shorter periods than most.  Some are also more energetic.  Such children are often said to have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 1,877 more words