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Menarche: A Developmental Milestone, A Rite of Passage

For individuals born with female reproductive system, menarche is an expected event during adolescence.  It marks the delineation of a girl and a woman.  Menarche, pronounced as ˈme-ˌnär-kē, refers to the first menstrual flow of a female. 431 more words


Rite of Passage (2)

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Why did she come here? Why on earth did she think this was a good idea?

Trying to at least pretend to herself that she had some degree of control, Christina questioned the driver incessantly at every turn. 829 more words

Winter 2014

Couples Losing Virginity Today Have Better Experience Than 25 Years Ago

The study found anxiety, guilt, and pressure people feel surrounding the first time are much lower than they were just 30 years ago.


Rite of Passage

Christina followed the erratically moving snake of people as they filed off the plane. No matter how hard she scrubbed her face, she couldn’t seem to banish that feeling of over-tiredness – a gritty sensation that left her altogether unprepared for adventure. 1,314 more words

Winter 2014

Princess & the Frog (Gig Edition)

I’ll first apologize for the late post, but getting to bed at 2 a.m. for the third night in a row and then working the 7:30 shift with allergies does take its toll. 410 more words

Curse This Blessing

Tomorrow my niece will have her Bat Mitzvah. She will get up in front of the congregation and friends and family from near and far and she will read from the Torah. 419 more words

Other Thoughts


Watching another fifteen-year-old emerge from Santo Domingo Church as a woman with her little sister by her side dreaming of her day, I can remember my sixteenth birthday. 195 more words