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Teens Rite of Passage and Proper Decision Making

The main theme of my new novel MURRAN is one of a teen’s rite of passage. Trey, the main character in the story, must find his way through difficult decisions – life and death decisions. 293 more words


Bullying=Rite of Passage?

When parents are discussing bullying, you are likely to hear some (or all) of the following:
* It’s a rite of passage.
* I survived it, and it made me stronger. 421 more words


A Boy's Journey into Manhood

Across time and place, communities have intrinsically understood the significance of strong pointers and practices that transition boys into men. The common trend of these rituals was an experience that involved both emotional and physical pain, advice on how to embrace the next life and required a boy to pass the test of manhood: to show courage, endurance and responsibility. 213 more words


The Hunter

I found this on yahoo images, I think it fits well with the feel of the story I’m working on

When a young man in a Post Apocalyptic world sets out on his rite of passage into manhood and to gain acceptance from his tribes hunting party he finds himself lost in an unknown and dangerous land where he discovers he has become the hunted and he struggles to learn the truth behind the real reason he was sent on the journey. 32 more words


Catching Up pt. 2: Caught Up

It’s been a killer week.I was away for work and I honestly don’t feel like moving from my bed or the boundaries of my apartment. 731 more words

Day 34: Crying on the Subway

It finally happened. I knew it would. It was only a matter of time.

I had an exhausting day in the phone center, complete with hearing the news that the older cat from the Pennsylvania house I lived in for the last two years, was put down. 239 more words