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Dinacharya - Top Me Up

After scraping your tongue and brushing your teeth, it is time to replace some of the water that your body has lost while sleeping. Remember, you have had nothing to eat or drink for 6 to 10 hours but your body has been busy repairing and cleansing itself. 216 more words


Week 5 | Listening Guide

This week we continue to explore the world of “Jewish music” (keeping in mind that this expression is a construct, rather than a definite cultural entity). 614 more words


Dinacharya - Stick out Your Tongue and say Ahh

Congratulations on getting up earlier so that you have more time to take care of yourself. Now get out of bed and get thee to the bathroom. 251 more words

Dinacharya - The Importance of a Daily Routine

Dinacharya is the Sanskrit word for daily routine. It a component of Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu medicine system. This routine is based on doing the right things at the right time and when practiced consistently leaves one feeling healthy, calm and  centred. 94 more words


Hekate's Feast

August 13, 2014 I made these honey cake muffins in honor of Hekate’s Feast.
Here is the link to the recipe (I might have tweaked it): … 68 more words


Love ravage love

Love ravage love,

Beats in beating,

Thumps on thumps

The sigh between strikes,

Breathing in Breathing out.

Atmosphere collapses:

The falling rain of sweat

As the rein’s are pulled… 86 more words

The Odd Ones

A Historical Map of Jewish Liturgical Diversity

This map, which was created by Aharon Varady and posted at opensiddur.org, is one of the best resources I’ve ever seen describing the rainbow of Jewish identities. 56 more words