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Monday Musings - Altars

The only thing an altar should be is a special place to you, other than that it can be anything and be anywhere e.g. in the house, in a special room, on a shelf, in a window, on the floor, or even outside in nature. 682 more words


Saving Grace

I see the church standing there everyday on my walk to work, at a busy intersection in the heart of Mirvish Village, and I think… 344 more words


A Fresh Start to 2015

When you’re in school, September is beginning of your year, the chance for the fresh start, the chance to get your shit together and actually study and get those good grades. 482 more words

Fresh Start

Pet / Animal Burial

We’ve all suffered it – the death of a beloved animal, pet, or companion. But what next? So many people get lost as to how to proceed because, after all, it’s not a human. 363 more words


Meditation vs Ritual Meditation - What's the difference?

A ritual is a habit or a practice.  A habit or practice is not necessarily a ritual. The moment it becomes mundane, we lose the benefits of spirit “ritual” which are many.

821 more words

Monday Musings - Personal Practice

I’m not sure if it’s my favourite practice but it is one of the most important things to do and that is to ground myself. 306 more words