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Cauldron of Underwear

I was in severe pain to that was accompanied by a headache, that was extremely oppressing.  Apparently, my chiropractor says that my muscles were over worked at yesterday’s treatment and massage. 111 more words


At Patheos

On my Patheos blog Ride the Spiral, my Broke-Ass Witchery series continues: Part Six looks at ritual on a budget, Part Seven talks about keeping altars with limited space or being in situations where altar space needs to be more discrete.


Making Your Own Lavender Oil for Meditation

Lavender oil is excellent for establishing homeostasis (balance) in the body and will go a long way in assisting your meditation practice. This herb is a strong nervous system balancing tool and will not make you feel drowsy. 423 more words


Preparing for ritual

If ritual is to be a spiritually meaningful and rewarding experience, it’s not enough to just turn up at the designated time and place and expect it all to happen. 385 more words


A Healing Full Moon Rite

In September 2014 there was a Supermoon in Pisces, and to celebrate this watery moon I prepared a healing ritual for myself which I did beside the sea on this night. 1,004 more words


Boundaries, Events, and Event Planning

Recently Circle Sanctuary opened up registrations for Pagan Spirit Gathering, or PSG. However, in the ongoing process of hosting large-scale events, sometimes the event organizers have to change things. 3,132 more words

Pagan Community

Baba Yaga; the Grandmother Witch.

Four months ago on the August Dark Moon, I was urged to make contact with Baba Yaga. The Crone Goddesses and archetypes of the Dark Moon have always been the entities I’m drawn to, their dark power and strength was what I have needed to get myself through some difficult and dark times. 930 more words