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Day of the Dead

We’re approaching that holiday best known in mainstream America for cosplay and sugar binges. For a deeper look into this sacred time of year, consider this: 554 more words


Crystals for Beginners

This post will be the first in a series of “crystals for beginners” this article is based on my knowledge of crystals and how they react with my body, health and mind. 1,009 more words


Ritual for an Eclipse

This morning I woke early and took my time pulling myself into the day, lingering between worlds as I made every effort to recall the details of a night of fervent dreaming. 841 more words


Open Circuit

Was it another life, another place,
where lightning struck our rosy cheeks
rendering sentiment an obsolete
ideal? Or have we never truly watched
the white electric, light the lifeless face… 64 more words



Onto the next wreck of wrecked hands
stranding a ship on cotton shores,
my Argonauts abandoned oars
to count the threads of Golden Fleece
fraying skyward and to the east… 85 more words


Free Easy but Powerful Transformation to Manifestation Solar Eclipse - New Moon Magick Spell

Free , Easy but Powerful Transformation Manifestation Spell For New Moon with a Solar Eclipse.

Materials needed
White candle
Toothpick-knife to carve candle
Sharpie for leaf writing… 338 more words