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Morning Music

We all have had our struggles with waking up in the morning, and for me, hitting snooze has become a morning habit. This results in losing sacred morning time and starting my day rushed, ungrounded and not doing the self-love rituals I have set for myself,  such as oil pulling and meditation. 155 more words


Witchery: Is Casting a Circle Necessary?

Another “hot button” issue, along with the ethics of whether or not to charge for magickal knowledge, talents and spells, the ethics of using blood magick… 588 more words


Tradition and Rituals. Good Stuff from the People who Have Done the Research.

The Power of Rituals in Life, Death, and Business

Experimental research by Michael I. Norton, Francesca Gino, and colleagues proves multiple benefits of ritualistic behavior. 1,420 more words


Witchery: Consecrating and Charging Your Magickal Tools

After you have purchased and cleansed your magickal items, or other ordinary items you want to use in the practice of your craft, you need to consecrate and charge the items for their specific use. 535 more words


Short Story: Hallways

He’s not ready to die. He says so as he hovers in the air, his arms held out in front of him and his feet trailing limp over the tile floor. 808 more words


Ancient Wisdom for Healing Depression

Andrew Solomon’s experience with the Senegalese Ndeup healing ritual

Andrew Solomon won the National Book Award in 2001 for authoring The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression… 718 more words

Consciousness And Wisdom

Ritual Killings of People With Albinism Increase in Tanzania

 Source: Voice of America, by Lisa Schlein, August 25, 2014

GENEVA—United Nations human rights officials report a spike in ritual attacks and killings of people with albinism in Tanzania.  265 more words

Pure Evil