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Preparing for Autumn

Busy time here :) I think it’s something to do with the time of year, coming into Autumn and the need to prepare for the months ahead. 436 more words



Maybe for some of you what comes to mind at the thought of rituals might be tribal dancing and drumming, masks, colourful body and face painting, maybe even the sacrificing of animals. 282 more words

Ecofriendly Actions

The ritual

I take a lot of pleasure in my morning ritual at work.  It’s still dark while I set up the cafe and the only time I get to really take my time.   59 more words


Hipster Wedding

I attended a hipster wedding this weekend. The ceremony was outdoors, the attire informal, the minister an old friend of the couple deputized for the occasion, and the vows read off cell phones. 569 more words

Spiritual Life

Missed Connections: the Divine Feminine

Seeking: the Divine Feminine
I saw a fleeting glimpse of you on the street the other day. I think you may have smiled at me. There was definitely a spark between us.
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Machig Labdrön

“Machig Labdrön” is one of the most well-known female Tibetan Buddhist teachers and lineage holders, who lived in 11th century Tibet. She practiced and taught “Chöd” (meaning ‘cutting through ego’), which is a unique ritual-based practice for transforming the inner ‘demons’ that inhibit enlightenment:   … 6 more words

Ritual to Honor Belatucadros

Ritual to Honor Belatucadros:

But first, who is Belatucadros?

Belatucadros is an ancient celtic God. He comes to me through the sun’s rays. He is The Shining One. 327 more words

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