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Alban Arthuan February 1 – 2

The Druid festival of the Winter Solstice, loosely translated as The Light of Arthur. The time when we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the return of light, also known as Yule. 538 more words


CfP Men, Masculinities and Religion Group AAR

As co-chair of the Men, Masculinities and Religion Group in the American Academy of Religion, I’m pleased to post here the group’s Call for Papers for the AAR Annual Meeting in November, 2015. 436 more words


Centering and Grounding - What it is and how to do it

Yeah so for quite a while I’d read about centering and grounding. I pretended to know but had no clue. Nearly everything I read said to “Center and Ground” but not what that was. 241 more words


Ash Wednesday Stardust Ritual

This ritual is meant to enrich current Ash Wednesday services, not to supplant them.
Needed: at least one candle and a dish of dirt or glitter to which everyone will have access. 
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Day 1: Offering (#30DaysofBrigid)

This is our freshly rearranged sacred space with our annual intention candles. This is by the front door and I think it is the perfect place because it means the welcome to our home is sacred space. 49 more words


RITUAL - Middle of the Bed (Cover)

RITUAL has dropped a beautiful cover of Lucy Rose’s Middle of the Bed, and I can’t recommend it enough. Smooth vocals and an underlying, seductive beat that has had me playing this song on repeat have really made this song RITUAL’s own. 10 more words

30 Days of Brigid

I love Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot deck. It is one of my top favorites for morning inspiration and intuitive guidance. It is also the deck we used to do our annual oracle this year. 379 more words