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The Education of Intern Sara: Lessons Learned from Mr. Rogers and Twyla Tharp

The Art of Finding Your Ritual

There are certain words in the English language that just speak to me. They have a weight of their own. 1,167 more words


Holy Terror: Good Friday in Sorrento,Italy

Anything hooded is usually a fashion item best avoided. When the hood is black and covers the face it is positively sinister looking, particularly when paired with a long black soutain and flaming torch. 352 more words

Culture With The Crone

"Gele" Head-Tied( Aborting All Negativity ) (Napowrimo Day 18)

Where are you from;then I asked why?

Startled by my “Gele” my head tied.

With Iris-blue melodies, each layer gives me strength.

Daily rituals of positive formations, my tree is bent. 96 more words


Meditation and Relaxation Music



Native American Indian spirituality is based on the connection between humanity and the natural world. They have great respect for nature, animals and trees….
Divine Aim

Silver RavenWolf on Cardinal Grand Cross, Sirius with Jupiter, and Making Magick!

The Butterfly Unfolding

Work magick Sunday night or early Monday to catch the wave.

Early Wednesday, April 23rd sets up the fourth point of this year’s Cardinal Grand Cross.   921 more words

Silver RavenWolf

What do Witches do when the Moon is Blue?

January—Wolf Moon
February—Storm (Quickening) Moon
March—Chaste Moon
April—Seed Moon
May—Hare Moon
June–Dyad (pair) Moon
July—Mead Moon
August—Wort (Plant) Moon
September—Barley Moon
October—Blood Moon
November—Snow Moon… 836 more words

Sacred humour: April Moon 14

I am, as you know, a student of the Western Mystical Tradition and I celebrate the ancient festivals with ritual This, to me, is sacred and, often, both moving and life-changing. 997 more words

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