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Pentecost 149

Pentecost 149
My Psalms 149

Ceremonial Jubilation

In many cultures, the rituals are how the family is defined, how the soul celebrates. “We’re all searching for a foothold in the past, and for peace and meaning in the chaos of modern life. 947 more words

Halloween: England's strange and ancient winter rituals

The Americanised version of Halloween casts a long shadow over the multitude of quirky – and sometimes barmy – English traditions that take place during the autumn and winter months.

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Why you need rituals in your life now.

Do you have rituals in your daily life?

Or are you looking for a blueprint to develop rituals that guide your life in the direction of your dreams? 367 more words


The Importance of Rituals in a Happy Life

This might be tough to believe, but rituals are actually necessary to achieve happiness. Much of the everyday life is made up of rituals–established, predictable, patterned behaviors that structure the day. 337 more words

Self Improvement

Leisurely Morning with Darcy

I love slow mornings. As much as I may try to convince myself that I’m not a morning person, I just can’t help but enjoy being awake before everyone else and leisurely starting the day. 354 more words


Bulletproof coffee to start your day!

I used to be a tea person, but ever since I started college I’ve learned to appreciate a good cup of coffee.
(Partly because of the good barista next to my school, I remember spending more time there then I did in class.) 153 more words


Festivals and other reminders of family

My mother is always the first one to wish me on Diwali. My aunt is next. In their innocent questioning — have you taken a bath, have you lit the… 779 more words