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Dalvir Gill

Routine is Your Friend

Wake up and smell the routine, friends! I love routine, but being a stay at home mom of 2 ever-changing toddlers, I have learned to accept that each day will be different. 259 more words


The Journey

Lifelong learning is often defined as an “ongoing, voluntary, self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons.  It encourages participation in all group ages, personal development, competitiveness and employability [1].  566 more words

Creative Thinking

Investigate Your Habits: How Much Of Your Life Is Driven On Auto-Pilot?

We need a who, what, when, where, how and why.  It is not difficult for awareness of your daily habits to fall through the cracks, especially if you constantly have an overflowing plate. 483 more words

Self Help

Rituals: The Lady in the Red Dress

When I was little, I was like most kids: I didn’t like to go to bed. However, I was unlike other kids, perhaps, in that I was almost always happy: Singing, playing, occasionally getting into mischief, and just general loving life. 523 more words


Morning Rituals: Where Need Meets Desire

I am one of those annoying people who bounds out of bed in the morning and hits the ground running. For years, I followed this energy, getting to work right away with only a quick detour for a mug of coffee to drink at my desk. 493 more words

The August Break