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Creating a long shadow with scss

I’m trying to create arbitrarily long shadows with a mix-in or a function, but neither seem to be working and mix-ins seem like my best bet at the moment. 112 more words


Remembering the "First Rule of Flying"

River Tam:  Storm’s getting worse.

Malcolm Reynolds:  We’ll pass through it soon enough.

Serenity (2005)

When I got word via Twitter just before 2am this morning that the Falcon 9 launch of the SpaceX Dragon to the International Space Station had been scrubbed due to inclement weather, I somewhat disappointedly shut my laptop and shuffled off to bed.

432 more words

#SixWeekSpec Week 2 - Girl, please!

This week had me questioning my woman card.

I’m having sexist problems. And feminist problems. And morality issues.

I need my badass female protag to suffer. 317 more words