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Rizzo Is Sketched

Last night, dad told mom that I had an “up and at ‘em” day at daycare and was being very feisty on our walk together, barking at passing motorcycles, menacing other dogs. 107 more words


My New Routine

I’ve gotten back into my new routine, eating herb and pumpkin topped food twice a day, and having lunch and an afternoon snack every day, too. 150 more words


My Black Friday Adventures

I was quietly dreaming of turkey dinner when mom and dad woke me up, packed me into the car and took me to the hospital in Fairfax. 208 more words


Pink Ladies Script Prints are Here!

It’s automatic, it’s systematic, why it’s a Greased Lightningggg!  If you were ever at any point in your life an American Teenager with a pulse (morbid, sorry), you’ve probably seen, sang, acted in or have experienced feelings from Grease.   323 more words


I love Thanksgiving

Mom and dad believe that doggies should celebrate Thanksgiving with a special meal, just like they do. So mom chops up some cooked turkey offal and puts it on top of our food. 291 more words


The Crate Escape

I have a confession: I am 13 years old, and I live in a crate. I love my crate. I hate my crate. I love-hate my crate. 456 more words


Brr, It's Cold And I'm Lazy

It’s cold here in Washington, DC. The other day, mom and dad took me to the farmer’s market and tied me up on the fence post so all my neighborhood friends could come to visit me, like they do every week. 209 more words