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Stop It, Rizzo

Stop it, Rizzo.

Did I hear that? Maybe it was an echo?

Yikes, someone swiped my tail. Oh it was mom.

Does she want to play? 146 more words


OOTD: Hit by a train

Trying not to look like you’ve been hit by a train sure does make one feel better. I woke up in excruciating uterine pain at 5:30 a.m. 438 more words

Outfit Of The Day

Gold-Plated Dog Food

Look, it’s my new gold-plated dog food.

That’s what dad calls it. I’m not sure what gold-plated is, but it tastes good. And I’m a picky eater, too – not like brother who eats… 261 more words


Chemo Today

Mom and dad woke me up early this morning when it was still very cold and dark outside. They wrapped me in my fleece hunting jacket and packed me into the back of the car. 129 more words


First Snow of the Year

Do I like snow? I’m not sure. I like to play in the snow when it’s fluffy and I can leap around the piles. I like that sometimes mom and dad are home with me when it snows. 116 more words


Oddly Dressed Strangers on Our Block

Last night, I wasn’t feeling well. My tummy hurt. We had all gone to sleep already, so I got up from my bed and started to pad downstairs quietly. 415 more words


Winter Coats

Do you like clothes? I do. Some people think it’s weird for a dog with a nice real coat to wear clothes, but I’ve always liked clothes. 138 more words