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Brr, It's Cold And I'm Lazy

It’s cold here in Washington, DC. The other day, mom and dad took me to the farmer’s market and tied me up on the fence post so all my neighborhood friends could come to visit me, like they do every week. 209 more words


Enjoying A Cold, Sunny Day

Pretty laid back day so far today. Went for a walk with mom and dad, then dad and I waited outside while mom went inside to pick up some coffee filters. 47 more words


Full Steam Ahead

Dad took me to the vet yesterday for a blood test to make sure my chemo wasn’t causing any problems. Good news, my CBC looked great, so I can continue my treatment. 236 more words



As a proud Penn grad, mom always follows news from Penn. Lately she’s been following news from the Vet School more closely. She  read something about a compound made from mushrooms helping dogs like me, but it was * 165 more words


Herb Me!

Today was a great day. I was home with my brother all day. He’s “hobbled” with a funny looking bandage binding his back legs together so his dislocated hip can heal. 190 more words


What The Oncologist Said

I had a good day today. I slept well last night – it was weird without my brother and kinda cold, but I piled up my psychedelic fleece blanket (thanks Aunt E!) and curled up into a ball. 799 more words


Midterm Reflection

For this midterm project I feel as if you truly needed to focus on something you enjoyed due to the fact of how creative you needed to be. 289 more words

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