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RMAF 2014: Audio Note UK, on tape

There are a few rooms at these shows I can nearly always count on to bring it in terms of a comfortable, pleasant listening experience: not gosh-wow fireworks or the kind of thing that sounds exciting at first but leaves you pawing at your ears, but genuine good, realistic, “I could sit here all day” … 544 more words

RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014: Planning retirement with Acoustic Zen and Triode Corp

There are a couple of rooms on the audio show circuit that are pretty much a guarantee of goodness. Acoustic Zen is one.

Robert Lee was showing off one of my favorite finishes on the big Crescendo Mark II loudspeakers ($18k/pair), though I keep forgetting to ask if it’s a spalted maple or a burl or what. 247 more words

RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014: AURALiC Dresses to Impress

Theoretically, the thing that should matter most when it comes to a hifi system is the sound, right? Well, yes, obviously. But I would be lying if I said it was… 426 more words

RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014: Ultra-Flexible, the LIO from Vinnie Rossi

Vinnie Rossi has a new thing. Launched back at the New York Show, LIO is completely at right-angles to his “traditional” work. It’s kinda weird to say it that way, because Rossi’s… 800 more words

RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014: Optical Cartridge Lights Up Musical Surroundings

by John Stancavage

There was a red glow coming from the end of the tonearm playing a live Curtis Mayfield recording in the Musical Surroundings… 769 more words

RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014 Roundup, Part 6: More Small Rooms with Medium-Sized and Smaller Speakers

By Darryl Lindberg

German Physiks, Ayre

The German Physiks Unlimited Mk.IIs (circa $10K), a true omnidirectional speaker, were ensconced in room 1025 and producing very nice sounds indeed driven by… 330 more words

RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014: PTE always rocks

I’ve been twisting arms to get people into the PTE room for more than two years. I don’t have a business connection with the folks, but, show after show, they drop an ugly system into an ugly room and make the kind of music that should make a person think about selling their dog’s kidneys on eBay. 495 more words

RMAF 2014