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RMAF 2014: Audeze shows High-Z

Audeze has showing off a brand-new headphone concept: the High Z. At 1,200Ω impedance, that’s very high-Z, indeed.

This is a prototype, in case that wasn’t obvious, so there’s nothing on availability or price, though I did hear that the Audeze folks were thinking about OTL tube amps, or current-mode amps like the Bakoon, as potential matches. 143 more words


RMAF 2014: Resonessence Labs

Resonessence Labs is well-known around these parts, and has been enjoying considerable success in the computer audio market leveraging their extremely well-regarded Invicta DAC. That DAC, based on the ESS9018 chipset, supports all the latest file formats, up to and including double DSD. 182 more words


RMAF 2014: DeVore Fidelity and the coming apocalypse

You are alone. Night is coming, quickly, like a wave leading the tide; it’s rolling forward now, from a horizon hidden by the line of trees. 1,051 more words


RMAF 2014: The Classic Touch

By John Stancavage

Remember that scene in Lethal Weapon where the bad guy tells tied-up undercover cop Martin Riggs that “Endo here has forgotten more about dispensing pain than you or I will ever know”? 689 more words


RMAF 2014: Enchanted by Lawrence Audio & Jeff Rowland

Pachelbel’s Canon is kind of like the Baroque version of The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge.” Everyone went through a phase of loving it — right before hearing it approximately eighteen jillion times. 286 more words


RMAF 2014: Volti Audio, BorderPatrol and Triode Wire Labs unite to destroy Tokyo

Greg Roberts of Volti Audio and Gary Dews of BorderPatrol have been teaming up to educate me on the joys of low-power/high-efficiency systems. The problem, I’m finding, is adjusting to the fact that most audio systems don’t actually sound this good. 373 more words


RMAF 2014: Existence Loudspeakers and Triode Corp make with the sexy-time

I’ll confess: I’m not really a fan of single-driver loudspeakers. I’m not not a fan, either. I have no dogs in this particular race — to me, the ideal of simplicity is one that has to meet the pragmatics of implementation. 369 more words