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RMAF 2014: Usher Audio USA and Pass Labs

“Sorry, no Tannoys this time,” the folks from Pass Labs teased in the hall, referencing the last time we crossed paths at CAS, “but it still sounds great.” I made a show of pouting over the fact that no one had brought their homebuilt monstrosities, but really I was feeling pretty ok with it. 251 more words


RMAF 2014: Sonist still smokin', with George-Warren and deHavilland

Jonny Wilson has resaddled the Sonist and brought the brand back to market, now a couple of years since the passing of founder Randy Bankert. And that is a mighty fine thing. 418 more words


RMAF 2014: Hi-Fi Fostex

Fostex really needs no introduction. Any DIYer worth his or her salt is familiar with their drivers; headphone aficionados will, at the very least, be familiar with the brand, both “directly” and not (MrSpeakers’ modified Fostex ‘phones being an excellent case in point), and of course, Fostex has been a household name to recording professionals since the ’70’s. 296 more words


RMAF 2014: Astell & Kern Bring the Shiny

In addition to their table downstairs in Can Jam, Astell & Kern were also hosting a veritable garden of delights in their room in the Atrium. 436 more words


RMAF 2014: AllSonics dreams in the darkness, rising

When it comes to Altec drivers, all I can say is, “Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!”

I’m just a bit of a cultist about Altec. The All Technical Service Company made some of the worst speakers in the world, but their… 787 more words


RMAF 2014: Phase Technology and McIntosh Labs

Phase Technology was showing their PC60A stand-mount loudspeakers ($1,400/pair) side-by-side with the Induction Dynamics ID1 ($14,000/pair).

Since the much-larger ID1, with its dual powered-subs, was  243 more words


RMAF 2014: DSA leads with TAD, VPI, Wells and Silver Circle

The Dynamic Sounds Associates (usually just DSA) were here at RMAF to show off their new line stage preamplifier, the Pre 1 ($16,500). This new preamp is cosmetically matched to the Phono II ($12,000). 327 more words