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A Label is Worth A Thousand Words

Seen on a Fuji Crosstown. A hybrid bicycle. You may want to bring a meter stick in case you go off road.

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How to Cheat at Cyclocross Barriers and Get Away with It

Okay, you’re not allowed to cheat in cyclocross. Though mountain bikes, Gatorade hand-ups, and bunnyhopping the barriers might come pretty darn close. Not sure how to bunnyhop the barriers? 72 more words

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Beast from the East: Shutting the Legs Up One More Time

Congratulations to Jens Voigt for breaking the one hour world record with a scorching 51.115 kmh! Jens broke Ondřej Sosenka’s record of 49.7 kmh. Slicing through the wind on his special Trek time trial, Jens started with a steady and smooth pace. 98 more words


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Why the 2015 KTM Bicycle Models Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes

When I think of Austria, I think of two things: Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Julie Andrews helping a family escape the Nazi occupation. Now I can add… 581 more words


Why Aero Speedplay Zero Cleats are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

Speedplay road pedals have a love/hate relationship with road riders. Some riders love them, some ridershate them. My affiliation falls into the love them category. More specifically, my knees love them. 423 more words

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Why Klamper Disc Brakes are Sexy

File this under OMG, because Paul’s Components has a mechanical disc brake in the pipeline. The cycling world is full of mechanical disc brakes, with my personal favorites being… 158 more words

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The Summer I Learned to Ride a Bike

Salt Lake City, UT, 5 September 2014 – The summer of 2014 will go down in my personal history book as the summer I learned how to ride a bike. 1,847 more words