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Walking Among Crows

Autumn’s frosted leaves

clog the gutters near my feet,

cackling tales of winter’s dreadly swift advance.

You tag along above me, little brother Crow,

leaping from nearly bare branch… 69 more words


Virtual Roadkill

“Some age gracefully — constantly learning and adapting — while other are left as rusting debris on deserted parking lots; waiting for renewal that will never come. 137 more words





 speed by

without consideration

of the earthly encasement of your spirit

now in frozen fallen state

of no longer being.


On the side of a man-made thoroughfare, 97 more words


Tulips and Road Kill

Dear it’s three am again and I’ve been thinking of the tulips on the window sill; the darkness on the front porch; the sound of rain as it dribbles down the drain pipes next to your front door. 339 more words


Wide open Wyoming

Not long into Wyoming, detouring from the interstate, we came to our first stop at Devils Tower National Monument.  Looming 386m (1,267 ft) over the surrounding landscape, the site was and remains of great spiritual significance to many of the local Plains Tribes, and there are still prayer offerings and rituals undertaken here. 539 more words


Canine's paleodiet denied by modern civilization

On a walk with the dogs my husband and I came upon a freshly dead young dear by the side of the street. Sad, always sad when cars destroy life just because they haven’t the sense in them to avoid running down other creatures. 279 more words


Pondering Ebola

Long term research has given rise to the theory that the ebola virus has survived for
millions of years. It is thought to be found in the remains of primates who eat bushmeat. 13 more words