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Don't go into the light

I do not particularly enjoy driving in the dark, mostly due to suicidal wildlife. Since i started my daily work commute i have unwillingly assisted in two possumcides, one raccoonicide, countless frog/toadicides and had a few near misses with turkey’s and deer. 181 more words


Podcastique #074 Pierced the Toast

Snowpiercer, RIP Robin Williams, Slowly moving, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ninja Turtles, Road Kill

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Thank you! 137 more words


Saturday Fright Night Up All Night (08/23/14)

1. The Portal 2013

2. Road Kill

3. Mummy Resurrected 2014

4. Dark Sky

5. Fractured


The nemesis

Dan’s head was throbbing as he rubbed his eyes desperately trying to remove the black spots he was seeing. A damp, sweaty hot moist air-filled with dust and steamy radiator coolant enveloped the convertible passenger compartment. 1,734 more words


Just call me Saint Haro

You probably will not agree with what I am about to tell you, so be it, but I did an act of kindness tonight because as I considered murder, a hymn came to my mind and has not left me all evening. 605 more words

Driving to avoid animals and why crows are rarely road kill.


Today I thought I might touch on a sad fact of road travel in Australia – road kill. Every year thousands of native and domestic animals are killed on our roads and extensive damage is caused to vehicles. 824 more words