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Perfect Storm

I have this whole other thing written but can’t get to it right now (techlessness as usual) but this thing just happened that I can’t tell anybody else and you won’t get it but…oh God. 434 more words

Human Stuff

This Is How You're Supposed To Hit A Deer Using Your Car: The Proper How-Tos Of Running A Deer Over

If ever you should find yourself with four of your closest friends casually tootling along a country highway at dusk feeling a completely false sense of security, fear not! 991 more words

Road Kill

A truly depraved game to play with your children.

My family plays a game in the car that can only be called “Road Kill.” The object of the game is simple: Spot the road kill from a moving vehicle before the other occupants, and you get a point. 370 more words


Last Days in S'Africa

Our last big stop on the way back to Joberg was at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary outside of the city of Serowe. The Sanctuary was established in the early 1990s to help protect the vanishing rhino population. 1,573 more words

Summer 2014 Don'ts

School is in full swing around here, so it’s time for our collection of “Don’ts” from the summer!


Leave your irreplaceable pillowcase at the hotel… 244 more words

Don't go into the light

I do not particularly enjoy driving in the dark, mostly due to suicidal wildlife. Since i started my daily work commute i have unwillingly assisted in two possumcides, one raccoonicide, countless frog/toadicides and had a few near misses with turkey’s and deer. 181 more words