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Day 2: What Do You Call Someone From Idaho? (Madras, OR to Burley, ID)

Seriously. What do you call someone from Idaho? Like, I’m a Washingtonian. Bailey, she’s originally a Californian. So what about someone from, say, Burley, Idaho? I’m hesitant to call them the first thing that came to mind, for “Ida-hoes” does not, in any way, seem like a nice descriptor. 541 more words

A Stranger In A Strange Land


Road Kill coming at you with another all caps title with a park quickie featuring our dude Robert Rice and Christian Alivera. One handed T-Bog had too much steez.


ANET Conference 2014: My highlights

I’m writing this on the second of my plane journeys on the way home from the inaugural meeting of ANET, the Australasian Network for Ecology and Transportation, and seeing as my seat won’t recline so I can’t get some sleep I’ve been thinking over my highlights of the conference. 694 more words

ANET 2014

Avoiding Road Kill

My husband and I have a fairly safe driving ritual when we go somewhere together.  He drives, I don’t.  He drives, and I am usually on the computer trying to catch up with reading and commenting. 364 more words

Life Chatter

GX1000: Road Kill

City streets belong to the scoundrels, the street rat, but thats what city life is all about.

Keep GX alive


Driving, Part Two: Cars Are More Important than Life Itself

When we meet in person, most of us wear social veneer, feigning politeness, using the manners our parents and grandparents taught us. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 4,015 more words

What Road Ecologists Really Do

I’m at the inaugural Australasian Network for Ecology and Transportation conference in Coffs Harbour this week. So far a really good group of researchers, consultants and managers discussing the issues and challenges of managing our road network to conserve our biodiversity. 36 more words

ANET 2014