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Pondering Ebola

Long term research has given rise to the theory that the ebola virus has survived for
millions of years. It is thought to be found in the remains of primates who eat bushmeat. 13 more words

Road Kill

A raccoon and an armadillo

Face off across the road

Years of hate boiling to overflow

They breach the boundary

Switchblades drawn

Tonight is the night… 34 more words


Silly wabbit: Ned Yost's random decision

When you drive on the back roads at night in this part of the country, you encounter hordes of
jackrabbits. The car headlights seem to attract them. 355 more words

Perfect Storm

I have this whole other thing written but can’t get to it right now (techlessness as usual) but this thing just happened that I can’t tell anybody else and you won’t get it but…oh God. 434 more words

Human Stuff

This Is How You're Supposed To Hit A Deer Using Your Car: The Proper How-Tos Of Running A Deer Over

If ever you should find yourself with four of your closest friends casually tootling along a country highway at dusk feeling a completely false sense of security, fear not! 991 more words

Road Kill

A truly depraved game to play with your children.

My family plays a game in the car that can only be called “Road Kill.” The object of the game is simple: Spot the road kill from a moving vehicle before the other occupants, and you get a point. 370 more words