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#hap2014 - 081 - On The Road (by Jack Kerouac)

Wannabe writer. Possibly a failed one already. Guy with the tendency to roam, no aim, no real home. Well, not homeless, but you’ll catch the drift. 125 more words


Identity Thief

“Identity Thief” (2013) is a “road movie.” For the umpteenth time, let me explain. Through some ridiculously implausible plot device, amismatchedpairhastotravelalongdistancetogetherandtheygetoneachothersnervesandhijinksensueandtheylearnsomethingaboutthemselvesalongtheway (it only counts as one word like this, and that’s all it deserves). 69 more words

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Opourapa Road Moonrise

Did say I was next going to discuss the business start-up and ensuing pleasures and pains, but I should really do a road movie blog here, because that’s what the website, Stationary Highways, is all about. 1,176 more words

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