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The Road Not Taken (Or Rather, Not Properly Understood)

How many iterations of this poem have you seen? How many stacks of motivational posters featuring this quote do you think the world’s guidance counselors have on file? 377 more words


Road Less Traveled

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood… 508 more words


What does the Spry Fox say? (RNT audio contest!)

We’ve hit a snag while adding sound effects to the creatures in Road Not Taken. The problem is, we’ve got no idea what this critter should say: 378 more words


A Proem by Robert Fringus...

Two hobros diverged in a grey libur-rary,

And sorry I had to smell each and broth

And be one librer’ran, I di’nt drare tarry

And my nose, of these odors was mrost wary… 46 more words


'Road Not Taken' is Very Frost-y

That’s more than just a play on the poet’s name, as the Winter season plays a vital role in Road Not Taken. I love Frost’s work… 194 more words


The sense of progression in Road Not Taken

Lately, we’ve been doing a ton of playtesting of Road Not Taken, particularly with fellow game developers. (If you’re ever looking for brutally honest feedback, other game developers are a good place to start.) In general, the feedback has been pretty positive: people love the game’s basic mechanics, art and audio. 961 more words


A Path With Heart

Where to begin?

Natalie and I have been in Berkeley for three months come next week. Since we’ve left San Diego, we’ve taken a hiatus from the blog due to what you would expect in a complete relocation spanning 500 miles. 797 more words