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Road Not Taken Review (PS4)

One of the free games that PS+ had to offer, I really didn’t think much of this game at first. It looked interesting enough that it would hold my attention for a few hours, but I really wasn’t expecting the kind of game that it actually is. 919 more words


Questioning the process of Giving a F***....

This is for adult viewing only. But only because of the f-word. Nothing else about it is R rated. I really like this guy’s posts. Give him a try. 7 more words


Weekly Trophy Tip - Road Not Taken - Keeper of the Book

While I’ve enjoyed playing this free little indie game over the past several months, some of the trophies are just an absolute pain. Keeper of the Book is one of those trophies, but now that the game’s been updated there’s no reason that you shouldn’t get this trophy if you play this game. 213 more words


Left hand, right hand

Song for this post. Pink Floyd: Learning to Fly

They say that left handers are the creative ones. Which means that we right handers have a lot to overcome to make art. 260 more words


Venture Into the Unknown

After looking down this road for a couple minutes, I realized that this was similar to life. We walk our path in life not knowing where it will take us. 32 more words


Road not taken

Where will go as people in a great big world yet fully discovered… If we do not overcome the hatred and injustices.

Our blood is the same color, we come from the woman’s womb, our tears all run clear…why so much hatred? 6 more words