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Maliciousness we have documented

Chinese seeding of WiFi System’s in Kentucky Heart Bleed or Cryptolocker

The Amazon spoof using Roadrunner IP address-Macromedia Throttle Back watch for the and the ranges shown below. 19 more words

Road Runner

A few things to remember before getting to your 5k start line!

Stay hydrated. Getting to the starting line dehydrated is not only detrimental to your performance, but could be costly in the health sector as well. Cottonmouth is not a way to run 3.1 miles. 212 more words


Those Old Grey Mares Just Ain't What They Used to Be

I think they’re better.

I ran a small, local race on June 28 before heading into the Big Apple with Colby. (No, I was not hungover for this one – … 437 more words

Lib Wants Looney Toons Banned Because of “Gun Violence”


As if banning these old cartoons will do anything to stop anyone from acting on their anger against others.

Erasing guns or anything that resembles guns or other weapons from history will not make them cease to exist. 149 more words

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Grew up with Looney Tunes. Sorry to disappoint you libturds, but I haven't killed anyone yet.

The running mind: Friend or Foe?

Training for the NYC marathon (11/2/2014) had me looking into various marathon training plans.   They all seemed to concur.  I would need to run 14 miles today. 574 more words


New Shoes! "Nike Free Flyknit 4.0"

Compromise between the minimalist or barefoot shoe that I wanted, and the cushion and support that I need for cross country and all the
miles I need to log. 190 more words

Road Runner, If He Catches You You're Through

Actor Steve Zahn was in my studio recently, and couldn’t wait to show me his new ride, a fully restored 1971 Plymouth Road Runner.  I don’t know how much is original, but the attention to detail was phenomenal.   107 more words