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Tax Increases

Taxes are calculated on purchased products, and some items have a higher tax rate than others.

So let’s look at road tax.  Usually road tax is the tax on fuel purchases.   121 more words

End of the road for the tax disk

It was honest, it was simple, and now it’s gone.

The car tax disk will be abolished under a new system that comes into action from October 1, and is set to make car tax payments easier and cheaper through direct debit payments that can now be paid monthly. 334 more words

Welcome to Road Tax Expert UK!

Driving is supposed to be about freedom, convenience and fun – but these days, it’s very easy for the British motorist to end up feeling as though the entire country is against them. 352 more words


Cyclists vs Motorists: The Battle of the Road...........Tax?

Hello fellow cycling enthusiasts,


I recently watched a new movie trailer ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, a 2015 sequel of the Mad Max movie franchise starring Tom Hardy as the iconic Mel Gibson character ‘Mad Max’. 1,020 more words


From 1st October you will no longer need to display a tax disc in your vehicle...

From 1st October 2014 you will no longer need to display a paper tax disc on your vehicle windscreen as all details will now be stored on an electronic database. 21 more words

New Road Tax Rules for UK

Are road tax holders now a collector’s item!

The uneasiness with the absence of promoting information in the UK for the new RFL (Road Fund Licence) or better known to most people as ‘Road Tax’ which comes into force on the first of October 2014 is cause for concern to say the least. 234 more words

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October 2014: forget car tax discs

Car windscreens have something similar and distinctive throughout England: the rounded car tax disc or commonly named road tax.

From October 2014 this little piece of paper won’t appear anymore in the corner of the front windshield of your vehicle. 475 more words