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Pitch Wars First 250 Critique GIVEAWAYS!

It’s no secret–I love Pitch Wars.

This contest connected me with so many amazing people. I’ve made friends, critique partners, writer buddies, and eventually signed with an incredible agent because of it. 249 more words


It's Official! (Dreams do Come True)

As of today, I’m a published author!


It took a long while to get here, but then any dream worth achieving takes time and effort. 169 more words


EVERYWHERE is a good place to brainstorm a story!

I’ve told the story in workshops and writers’ groups before, but I don’t know if I’ve ever shared it here.

When I was first working on the germ of the idea for what would become the Ransome Trilogy, I wasn’t sure exactly where the story was going, who would be involved, or even how long the story would be. 357 more words


Romance Weekly #LoveWriteChat

If you’ve just come from J.R. Richardson, author of the fabulous Cursed be the Wicked, the lady who penned this week’s questions, welcome! If you’ve come from somewhere else, welcome, welcome! 533 more words

Writer's Life

Where’d you go, Sarah Epps?

The truth? I disappeared from my blog because I haven’t felt like talking. In a nutshell, this submission process has been draining and stressful, and for everything that’s been encouraging about it, there’s been just as much to test my confidence and make me question my writing ability and my choices. 418 more words

Best Postal Delivery Ever!

A thing of beauty! Jealous? Well in just a few short weeks, you can have one of your own! If you can’t wait, in just over a week you can get the ebook.


Ain't Got No Strings To Hold Me Down

You remember how Pinocchio said “I’m a boy! I’m a real boy!”? I wonder when I’ll get to say “I’m an author! I’m a real author!” 551 more words