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Auntie Doris's Road to Publication #2: Queen Victoria

He has finally got started, our Michael, editing and enhancing or whatever he wants to call it. All I know is that whenever he gets down to it, he still has to put the ruddy tights on. 518 more words


Finding Your Beginning in "The End": Are You a Trustworthy Writer?

Have you ever picked up a book, read a few paragraphs, and then put it down (or thrown it down) in disgust or disappointment because there was a historical error or a page and a half of backstory or head hopping? 884 more words


Finding Your Beginning in "The End": Is Writing the Perfect First Line Really a Big Deal?

At the end of the previous post, I posed a few questions:

  • Why are first lines more memorable than last lines?
  • Are first lines more important than last lines?
  • 1,072 more words

There and Back Again: Finding Your Beginning in "The End" (new series)

Match up the First Line, Last Line, and Book Title from these ten works of classic literature:

First Lines

Last Lines


1. 664 more words

Auntie Doris's Road to Publication #1: Word Counts

It has been almost painful watching my nephew Michael this week. If you ask me, he had got to rely on me that little bit too much. 649 more words


Dreams vs. Goals: What if my Writing Goals Change? What if I Fail?

Yesterday, one of the things I mentioned is that you must write down your goals. Writing your goals—handwritten in a journal, typed on the computer, emailed to yourself as a list, however you want to do it—makes them real. 796 more words


Dreams vs. Goals: Setting Goals to Achieve Our Writing Dreams

Yesterday, we looked at the idea that to achieve our dreams, we must give them marching orders—we must set goals. So let’s look at how to go about setting those goals to give us the best chances of success. 793 more words