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Writing Tip #10: YOU Are Your Best Source of Motivation

There are going to be days (weeks . . . months . . .) when we don’t feel like writing. We may sit in front of the computer for an hour and write six words—and then delete three of them. 2,156 more words


Writing Tip #9: Write your passion—but keep an eye on the market.

There are two pieces of advice you’re bound to hear at just about every writing conference or group you’ll ever attend: First, write the book of your heart; second, if you want to sell, make sure you know the market and if the genre you’ve chosen to write is selling. 1,232 more words


Writing Tip #8: It's Okay If What You Write Stinks

One of the main reasons so many would-be writers never get further than being would-be writers—people with bits and pieces of started, but never finished, manuscripts hidden in drawers or secret files on the computer—is because they’ve let something that all of us who write know paralyze them and keep them from moving forward with their writing. 1,310 more words


It's spring and I feel...pretty much kinda okay.

It’s been a couple of months since my last blog post when I was feeling quite dejected about the whole submission process. It feels kinda icky leaving that blog post hanging there as a reflection of my state of mind, when in reality I’ve had a shift in attitude since then. 459 more words

Writing Tip #7: MAKE LISTS

As you all know, for many years before I changed careers and started working full-time in academia, I worked as a freelance editor to support my career as a full-time writer. 1,170 more words


Writing Tip #6: Don't Think. Just Write.

Before you read the rest of this post, take this quick quiz:
Are You Right or Left Brained?

As expected, this was my result:

You Are 50% Left Brained, 50% Right Brained… 1,468 more words


Top Ten Writing Tips #5: Story Trumps Craft

Why did we start writing in the first place? Was it so that we could get our wrists slapped and be told “no” and “don’t” and “you can’t do it that way”? 1,264 more words