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The Fourteenth District, Part Three

The Fourteenth District: parts 1 and 2

G.A. Cutler told us that no less a figure than David Rice Atchison himself came over to the Wolf River precinct of the Fourteenth District to ensure the election of proslavery men to the legislature. 466 more words

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The Fourteenth District, Part Two

David Rice Atchison and his personal army of Missourians succeeded in convincing the proslavery Kansans of the Wolf River precinct to support his candidates instead of their own, including the brother of his favorite lieutenant, John H. 494 more words

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The Twelfth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Districts

Much of this series has repeated the same story over again: Missourians flooded over the border into Kansas and stole its elections by casting illegal votes… 598 more words

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The Silent Eleventh District and a Request for Recommendations

In keeping with my new policy, I shall pass over the Tenth District quickly. The Howard Committee found ten men who lived on the Wyandotte reservation who voted proslavery. 549 more words

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The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Districts

A programming note first, Gentle Readers:

I got myself thoroughly confused with the testimony on the Sixth District and previously claimed that only a few Missourians illegally voted, forgetting that the Howard Committee counted somewhere around 250 illegal votes, while simultaneously ruling that even had only legal voters gone to the polls the election would have come out the same. 831 more words

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The Peaceful, Mostly Honest Sixth District

Something odd happened in Kansas’ Sixth District. Witnesses all agree that no violence took place. They testify that at most, only a few fraudulent votes made their way into the ballot box. 803 more words

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The Fifth District, Part Two

The Fifth District, part 1

We left William Chesnut objecting to fradulent voters out of Missouri coming to the polls at Pottowatomie Creek. The two judges appointed by the mob of Missourian border ruffians promptly testified that they knew each voter had a right to vote, end of story. 584 more words

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