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Winter Sojourn - Days 3, 4, 5

Although called the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, the road that takes you along the Oregon Coast is not always coastal: one actually spends a fair bit of time climbing and skirting the verdant Coast Range Mountains traveling through heavily-wooded rain forest where trees are covered in moss and lichen and elk are lurking (though we never saw any), or past lakes, streams, and logging operations, or through farmland including sheep and cattle ranches and red cranberry bogs (just like those Ocean Spray  commercial). 293 more words

Florida Turnpike - Miami to Orlando

We started the day in Miami with this view.  

Our duo became the trio, and we went back to Miami Beach for another look around.  Here is another opportunity for another Art Deco architecture shot by daylight. 124 more words


road trip! hwy 1 & new mexico

I recently returned from an action packed trip to everywhere. I checked quite a few things off my bucket list, so if I die tomorrow I’ll be OK with that. 776 more words


Its´s been ten days. Enough time to lose yourself in, maybe enough for some to find something, not me, I don´t think Logan either. Though the farther we stray from what we´ve known the closer it is we get to what we do. 573 more words


From the minute I leave Knapp Valley, I have more questions than answers.  After spending time with the Browne’s I have more answers, yet I leave with more questions.   363 more words

Captain's View

Travels With Sea Monkey Fetuses: In Search of Canada: Epilogue

I wish I knew what it was to be Canadian. The trip made me think about prairies and deer and rodeos and northern lights and church bells and snow, but I’m not sure I’m more Canadian for going. 202 more words


WDL Road Trip Part 2

WDL Road Trip Day 3—12/13/14

Seabrook, TX—All Points of Sail Sailing School

Big day after a rough night of listening to the club next door and passing through the chills and hot flashes of a cold. 479 more words