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Euro-PA 2015 on the way !

Here is the presentation doc of Euro-PA 2015 !
feel free to spread it to any people interested, any media, …

English version :
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B–SKT1TPkCCbDFtWWR3QWZDYWs/view?usp=sharing… 16 more words


Never lose your wonder.

 No matter where life leads you I hope you are never so consumed by the enormity of it all that you overlook the small wonders presented to you daily. 145 more words

Road Tripping

One exciting thing I wanted to share is that Kate and I are planning to take a rather big road trip this summer. Our plan is to be gone for two and a half months and to cover over 11,000 miles (!!!). 429 more words

Death Will Not Destroy / Bad Lands National Park

Death will not destroy the man who does not wear upon his body the jewels of his vicious desires, as a robber does not kill a traveller who has no precious chain of gold round his neck. -Yoga Vasishtha.


Takin' that ride to nowhere

We didn’t get official leave, but we went anyway. There is nothing to do at the school – grades are in, students are gone, and our next semester schedule was yet to be determined, so we couldn’t prepare for spring. 670 more words

CA to FL: Part I - A Somewhat Expected Journey

Well, that is it Los Angeles! After an extremely hectic morning and afternoon, we are packed, moved out and on our way!

I’m leaving my husband behind in Los Angeles to finalize details and work while I’m driving with my dad, but he will meet up with us in Florida next week. 292 more words