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In Praise of Old Hotels -- Part 9: Marfa Texas


Maybe you have heard of Marfa, Texas, way out west…way out.  Marfa is located 74 miles from  Van Horn and has almost 2,000 residents. 881 more words


Magnificent Macroons

I awoke today at a surprisingly early time, it might had been because I was excited for the day but it also could be due to the fact that my little brother was playing with his legos a few feet from my bed. 473 more words


Day 31 - Homeward Bound

We head back to Seattle first thing tomorrow morning. We all feel a combination of regret the trip is over and excitement to be going home. 56 more words

Road Trip

Road tripping Germany

A wander through Rothenberg’s narrow, crooked streets this morning before all the tourists got up and about showed it to be even more adorable than yesterday. 334 more words


When you and I Were Forever Wild

If you get that Lana reference, I love you forever and you can blame my sister for reminding me how good she is.

The fam and I went on an end-of-summer mini-vacation to Arizona! 75 more words

Happy Happy Happy

The pain au chocolat challenge

I know, I know. There is obviously a crapload of stuff I haven’t written about in the past 3+ months. That’s just what happens when you’re never home and able to get drunk by yourself in the living room. 436 more words


The way back

After an amazing trip to NYC with some truly awesome hosts (thanks again, lovelies!), I hopped on the bus Friday evening to head back to the T-dot. 916 more words