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Find Your Anthem

This has been a stressful year with lots of travel, job change, and family upheaval over my father’s dementia. There’s been plenty of times when I have just blown off exercising and struggled with the motivation. 448 more words


Building a Mountain Home

Back in my truck driving days one truck I drove was a concrete mixer.  It was set up for the mountains.  A double-locking differential, with what we called low-low.   449 more words

My Life

What To Do About Your Conference

I have been spending a lot of time at conferences lately and have been learning a ton.

From the details that a Records Manager needs to think about, like how to sort incoming mail or checking docs for blanks before declaring a record to the fears that every Records manager or IT lead has about emerging technologies. 709 more words


How to survive on the road … with Cher

Dancer and choreographer Jamal Story has been touring with the pop icon off and on for 12 years.

I travel probably 60-65% of the year currently. 672 more words


A coupla sonnets ... for what they're worth

These sonnets are a bit late. Life got in the way. But here they are.

I said about 2 weeks ago that I’d write an English sonnet and one other. 1,180 more words

Home Sweet Snug Home

Imagine the wind howling a near gale and the snow going past your vision parallel with the horizon which you cannot see. Imagine it being so cold that you can’t even remember the last such winter. 187 more words

Road Warrior

Monochrome Memories

At nearly 6,000 ft above sea level, the steady break down from many years of a tremendous snow load is evident on this old building. The building is circa 1865 and has went through a variety of owners and occupations, much like today, in its place of birth, Virginia City, MT. 151 more words

Road Warrior