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Pointless Points from a GPS app

In Stick Chick’s neighborhood, fall changes the green summer leaves into vivid, vibrant reds and remarkable yellows that defy darkness. Hues challenge ripened pumpkins in a natural beauty contest for most-appealing-orange. 184 more words

Humor: God I Hope So

Preparations for the turbo project

The Turbo Warrior Project won’t be in full swing until December or January of 2015.  Right now all that’s being done is preparation.  I will document this as well, but after the fact.


Motorcycle Turbocharging

This is a real good reason motorists should have a dashcam

I recommend all motorists to have dash cams in their vehicles,  the driver in this video had one,  if the bike federation gets their penalty enhancers added to their vulnerable user law in….Who would’ve ended up with the blame in this incident,  if there was no video evidence to prove the motorist wasn’t at fault?

Dumb Shits

new norms aren’t easy

I’ve recently been surrounded by people who are experiencing major life changes. My cousin is figuring out which university she wants to attend (Sadie no pressure, but again Go Frogs), I started a new “road warrior” job, two of my favorite people got married (congrats Lizzie and Ben), and several young couples I adore are expecting additions to their families (Hallelujah for babies!). 506 more words


I Cannot Think of Nothing that Might Go Wrong

Yep, nothing…

Okay sarcasm aside, let’s take something like this to its logical extreme. One-hundred ton road trains crossing vast uninhabited Western wastelands of the west. 36 more words

Plot Ideas

Keep calm and think outside the bag!!

I recently came across an article that was published on USNews.com about the challenges of eating well while being a Road Warrior.  You can read the whole article… 670 more words


Wayback Wednesday - Beyond Mad Max - More Post-Apocalyptic Movies

There are other movies out there revolving around post-apocalypse beyond Mad Max and the Road Warrior. Not all of them are good, however.

Alright, maybe it isn’t fair to use The Road Warrior as a Litmus test for these kinds of movies. 614 more words