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Day 105 - Road Warrior

I had a friend mention how glamorous it sounded to travel a lot for work. Maybe it is, for some people/professions. But for me, travel for work looks like this – strange hotels, endless work days, heavy bags, and dinners for One. 16 more words

There's no Place Like Home

I like to travel.

I’m not very fond of driving; I’d prefer a plane or a ship………..

But I drive a lot.

One child in Waco, one child in College Station, my happy place in Galveston and my home base in Jasper. 577 more words


Operation: Mad Max

Week one-ten of Operation Graphite – theme: Mad Max.

Perhaps the idea existed earlier in literature, but nothing really ignited the idea of Post Apocalyptic, Neo Tribal, Wasteland Bandit quite like the Mad Max films. 65 more words

Operation After Action Report

Week 110: Mad Max

The theme selected for week one-ten of Operation Graphite will be: Mad Max.

Every year, there is a little Mad Max inspired gathering in the desert. 75 more words

Operation Mission Briefing

On Technology for Family Organisation

We use Android and Window 7 exclusivly, both DW and I have a Nexus 4 and Moto G, they are excellent phones, I can’t envision us upgrading for a while. 645 more words


The 75000 most important clicks with my camera

The setup

For the seventh time, I’ve “flipped” or “rolled over” the four-digit image-counter on my camera. I’ve made over 70-thousand exposures, which is a great accomplishment for both camera and me. 644 more words


Road Warriors Of The World... Wake Up!

For the last 3 years, I’ve been lucky enough to work from home. Before that I was on Road Warrior status for nearly 5 straight years, sometimes clocking 100% travel. 868 more words