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Home on the Road

So far this summer I’ve done what I consider to be a lot of traveling. I took a road trip to Tennessee for Bonnaroo. I flew to Seattle and from there drove to Portland, OR; Euphrata, WA; and Vancouver, BC. 132 more words


Saturday: a cloudless blue sky, west side heat rising and I am out the door 2 hours later than I wanted. No doubt, the extra time with head on pillow did my full body some good. 346 more words


A sense of humour is important for our well being. Smile and Relax.

My Thoughts

Today's Left Turn...

Tonight I was waiting to turn left onto a four-lane one-way street. A truck was nearing in the third lane over, and I needed the fourth lane, so I was waiting. 114 more words

Monday Musings

Nothing better than a little inspiration on Mondays to keep our spirits alive and fueled for the week ahead. Here are something’s to keep in mind and ponder over. 223 more words

Day 209 // July 28

Didn’t quite catch the sunset but it’s still cool