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New on 500px : The Fall Road Way by eyeofalens

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Another somewhere in Loften image .
I camped by the side of the road just up & around the corner from these magnificent monoliths with a faint dusting of snow. 41 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

Your Kiss is on my List

by Chuck Howe

Sing Hall and Oates
as loud as you can
while going 100 mph
While flying down
a country road
in the middle of the night… 14 more words



A new way where zombies are everywhere on the road. Fortunately, you have a car from which you can kill all zombies and see blood. Collect coins on the way whenever you see it. 13 more words


Death Road

It sounds chilling doesn’t it? A road that overlooks death-defying cliff drops. A road filled with awkward rocks, a narrow width and vehicles such as huge lorries passing on by. 610 more words


New on 500px : Phantom Zone by YOSHIHIKO by YOSHIHIKO

I love blue, you love blue don’t you?

Coincidentally, I was developing this bluish photo, I came to know my photo 
neo osaka
was chosen to  99 more words



He glances down at the road and sees the Number 65 pass underneath. He doesn’t like taking the overpass in the evening (though the sunset today looks brilliant). 101 more words


Ponchartrain rain

The roads we travel
All but gravel
Have teleported me
From sea to sea.