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Movie night!

Roadtrips are an amazing thing like I wrote a long long time ago, but then again, I am on a new one right now.

We decided to just drive around with a couple of friends, stopping randomly at the places we thought we might like to visit. 145 more words

Daily Rambles

A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow

Believe it or not, I apparently haven’t written one of the tired and tried “A Movie In 100 Words Or Less” posts since way back in March. 495 more words


Who we are

My husband and I met 10 years ago at our church youth group. He was 19 and I was 18. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but when God puts the right person in your life you just kind of go with it. 553 more words


Meet Väino

MEET VÄINO – our newest member of the group. Let the roadtrips begin ;)  6 more words

How To Survive Road Trips

Sitting in the car for longer than an hour is possibly my least favorite activity. I have friends who absolutely love going on road trips. Me? 375 more words

13 hours and 700 miles later

Me and my friends took a trip to Newmarket and Niagara Falls. We were total tourists for the weekend, rented a Dodge and did a massive road trip! 606 more words



Lately I’ve been feeling rather frustrated and possibly the most frustrating part of it all, is that I don’t know what exactly I’m frustrated about. I try to tell my brain to figure it out, but it hasn’t listened to me yet. 70 more words