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Utah: Zion. Angel's Landing

The hike to Angel’s landing is another ass kicker.

Utah: Zion National Park

Zion From Bryce we drove down the gorgeous highway 89 and into the northern entrance of Zion. Having never visited Zion national park before I really had no idea what to expect. 800 more words

Utah: Bryce Canyon

On the long deserted stretch toward Bryce we were surprised when three Pronghorns bolted across the road in front of us. Peter swerved left, the confused Pronghorn ran right and slammed into the side of our car. 854 more words

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Utah: Kolob Canyon. Zion National Park

Upon seeing the signs for Kolob Canyon we made a last minute decision to get off the highway and check it out. Sage was sleeping so we stayed in the car but from the car we saw many hiking opportunities and were interested in the overnight backcountry possibilities leaving this side of the park.

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Steps to Sapa

I opened my eyes to rolling green rice fields. Our bus wove through the quilted landscape of terraced paddies as the sun’s pale yellow rays lightly kissed the mountain face. 895 more words


As far as the eye can see

Mid afternoon I get this call from my mom asking me to take my little brother and my cousins to the pool. So I scoop them up and spent the day relaxing poolside. 133 more words

Blog Challenge - Day 27: Something You Miss

I brought the little boy home to the mountain city and as I type this, I am already in the bus waiting for it to bring me back to the big metro. 363 more words

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