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Roald Amundsen's Feeling for Snow

Have you been named after a hero, someone your parents admired? Or have you maybe named your pet after a personal hero? Roald Dahl the Welsh master of black humour was named after Dina’s hero Roald Amundsen by his Norwegian parents. 2,256 more words


Oslo - In search of Roald Amundsen - Part 3 - the National Library of Norway

Getting closer and closer to Amundsen!!!!

I was given the privilege of taking a close look at some of the holdings of the National Library of Norway. 1,028 more words


Leadership and management lessons from the first men to reach the South Pole

As I was watching Eight Below on HBO this afternoon (great film by the way), I started reading up on the first men who went to the ends of the world and was thoroughly impressed with the feats of the men who sacrificed life, limb, wealth, friendships, family and sanity in an era that was also considered the… 1,389 more words


Oslo - In search of Roald Amundsen - Part 2 - the 'Fram'

The next stop on my museum tour and in my hunt for Roald Amundsen was the Fram Museum.

Set right on the water on the outskirts of Oslo, the museum was built around the wonderful vessel… 543 more words


Oslo - In search of Roald Amundsen - Part 1 - the Viking ships

I was on the hunt for Polar Bears while I was up North, I was also on the trail of Roald Amundsen.

As you might recall from high school geography or history classes, Amundsen was the first man to reach both poles. 568 more words