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The Great Gatsby Remake!

This was done as a school project where we had to create our own version of a Great Gatsby book cover. I looked at the more feminist point of view, and am very pleased with the results! 16 more words


Why am I writing about "Candleshoe," a 1977 Disney movie?

Why am I talking about Candleshoe, a 1977 Disney movie starring young Jodie Foster and the incomparable David Niven? Because someone told me my mystery, The Impersonator, reminded me of that film. 287 more words

Roaring Twenties

First Sentence Friday - Austen, Fitzgerald, & Márquez

Most writers say the first sentence is the most important line in a book. It sets the tone, invites the reader to keep reading or bores him away, and often makes the difference between publication and rejection. 262 more words


Roaring 20s, USA, 1918-1929 - wall st. crash

AQA History GCSE Spec B Paper 1: Roaring 20s, USA, 1918-1929 – WALL ST. CRASH


Liberty Bell 18

Continuing on in the Liberty Bell album, we have a nice 20th century photograph of a young man. His hair is oiled, his collar is starched, and his tie is tucked into his vest. 109 more words


Jeanne Lanvin Robe de Style for Roaring Twenties Prom 2014

I was asked to chaperone prom because apparently I am a “super fun person.” I had avoided dances in the past because well, when you get to be of a certain age, that type of dancing is just not appealing; it’s revolting. 527 more words

Charlie Chaplin's Birthday

On April 16, fans of Charles Chaplin celebrates his 125th birthday.

I’m not a big fan. I acknowledge his genius–he was a brilliant comedian, actor, and businessman–but as a parent, I can’t help but be turned off by his penchant for very young girls. 383 more words

Roaring Twenties