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Z by Therese Anne Fowler

My impression of Zelda Fitzgerald is probably like most peoples’, that she was wild, looney and unstable. I have long admired her husband’s writings, but didn’t know much about either of them as people. 765 more words

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8 Sentence Sunaday on Dieselpunks #13

So, I couldn’t resist taking you to the Old Shelter. But as you’ll know if you’ve read my welcoming post, I love this place and I poured a lot of effort in depicting it as best I could in terms of historical details, of course, but also in terms of mood and atmosphere. 368 more words


How Much $$ Can Fit in a Suitcase in 1926?

My fourth mystery, MURDER IN DISGUISE (due out in 2016), involves a suitcase full of cash from illegal bootlegging and drug sales. I found myself at a loss when trying to estimate how much money would be in that suitcase. 324 more words

Roaring Twenties

Vintage Style Hair Adornments

These great little pieces bring to mind the roaring twenties, and are great everyday accents for your hair!  Come on by and try one on today!  43 more words


Fall 2014, Part 3: The Roaring 20s

Everyone do the Charleston—the Roaring Twenties are back in style!

After a few false starts *ahem, our girl Christina Aguilera totally nailed it in 2006… 605 more words


1927: Hollywood, Magazines, Dreamers

Enraptured by the modern world, Sally laments she is stuck in the wild, copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona. If only she could make that next leap from Vaudeville to the motion pictures. 312 more words


8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks #12

The episode where Sinéad chances to meet Blood and Michael again and ends up going with them to the Old Shelter is among my favourite and was a great fun to write. 411 more words