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Following the logic of Maya Angelo’s quote, I’m not successful. I often don’t like who or how I am, I don’t particularly like my daytime job, and I’m not pleased with how I do it. 472 more words

Roast Beef

006 Sheepocalypse (Nicole Farmer)

Michael and Nicole discuss the impending disaster of the sheepocalypse and the ways that we all can ensure our survival in the coming tribulation.


I Can Relate to Lindsay Lohan

I’ve been watching Lindsay Lohan’s reality series on OWN. It’s a bit addictive seeing someone who is so quick to make excuses and who is failing at making a comeback. 373 more words

Roast Beef

My first Easter in London


As it was first Easter away from our family and friends for me and my family, we decided we needed to make it proper. 405 more words


April 20th - Easter Sunday

With breakfast out of the way, we piled into 2 cars for a cross-town drive to continue the assault on our stomachs. Here the battlefield is set for action. 112 more words

The Ship, Wandsworth

The Ship is a rather popular Young’s pub situated right by the river in Wandsworth. As my parents were down in London for the day, I thought it might be nice to pop along for a Sunday roast – and I wasn’t wrong thank God! 385 more words

Casual Dining

The London Standard

yorkshire pudding served with roast beef, gravy, roasted potatoes, string beans, and steamed carrots with onions.

Eating Out